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List of Flowers for Flower Bed Borders

flower border with Kali

Searching for secrets to great flower borders, with garden design ideas that will create stunning garden beds?

The secrets are finding flowers that go well together, as far as looking good, and bloom time.

Careful thought given to the bloom time, will ensure that your color combinations bloom at the right time.

Finding flowers that bloom with roses are easy, because most bloom off and on all season! But finding other flowers for your flower borders is the tricky part.

Best Flowers for Borders

Fox-Gloves (Digitalis)

fox gloves

Fox Gloves- look beautiful when paired with some pink or yellow colored roses. The flowers are held horizontally so you can see right into their spotted throats. Plants are prolific in their first year, even more so in their second producing a mass of secondary spikes as the main show starts to fade.

The flowers last a long time, looking great the whole time.

Hardiness Zone: 4-8 S / 4-8 W

Height: 4'

Deer Resistant: Yes

Exposure: Full or Part Sun

Blooms In: June-July

May Night Salvia

may night salvia

Meadow sage that bears spires of dark blue-purple flowers all summer if dead-headed.

Grows 18-24 " tall

Tolerates heat and drought.These are very pretty, and add some nice blue color, but personally, I don't like the pungent fragrance! Don't plant them near any fragrant roses!

Cushion Spurge

An undemanding perennial, Euphorbia polychroma offers a pleasing contrast of colors on a neat, almost architectural form. It grows to about 15in and produces a splendid show in May from bright yellow bracts. Their color is long lasting, but changes to rose-bronze as they age above the green foliage. A sensational plant for an accent in a sunny garden or in a large pot, as it is quite tolerant of hot, dry conditions (but not the heat and humidity of the South).

Cultivated members of the genus Euphorbia are grown for their colorful bracts, which are leaves surrounding the insignificant true flowers, and these bracts are as showy as any bloom. Poinsettias are Euphorbias; it's hard to pack more wallop than that. The perennial varieties generally offer attractive foliage as well. Their milky sap causes skin irritation in some people; wear gloves when planting or deadheading.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 S / 4-10 W

Height: 15"

Deer Resistant: Yes

Exposure: Full Sun

Blooms In: May

Spacing: 12-18"

Oriental Poppies

When you want to introduce excitement into the June border, consider Oriental Poppies for their ruffled and shimmering petals pack more pigment than you can imagine. Plant Poppies in groups in a sunny, well-drained position and match them with summer bloomers or annuals that spread out and will conceal their early dormancy. Poppies also make stunning cut flowers if you sear the ends of freshly cut stems with a match. Hardiness Zone: 3-8 S / 3-9 W

Height: 32"+

Exposure: Full Sun

Blooms In: June

Spacing: 15-18"


hardy geranium

Nice in flower bed borders. Flowers continue through the heat of midsummer, and the deeply cut leaves remain lovely, on plants that are spreading but not sprawling.

This is the true Geranium, not to be confused with the annual Pelargonium one sees everywhere in summer. Perennial Geraniums are lovely plants for flower borders that grow in full sun or partial shade (required in the South and in the warmer areas of western Zones 9 and 10) and need soils with good drainage. Hardiness Zone: 5-8 S / 5-8 W

Height: 18"+

Exposure: Full or Part Sun

Blooms In: June-Sept

Spacing: 12-15"


pink lillies

Lilly flowers offer glorious flowers in every shade except blue. All colors are nice, but white or peach colored ones are stunning in the flower borders when planted next to red blooming roses.They have a long season of bloom (though individual day lilies last but a day), and a robust disposition that makes them easy to transplant, easy to maintain, quick to multiply, and resistant to pests. Planted together in large numbers, they quickly crowd out weeds and make a carefree and colorful ground cover. Among the miracles of modern breeding are tetraploid Daylilies, which have larger flowers with heavier texture and produce more blooms per stem over a longer period. Try these in your flower garden borders!

Hardiness Zone: 4-9 S / 4-9 W

Height: 18"+

Exposure: Full or Part Sun

Blooms In: July-Sept

Spacing: 15-18"


Heuchers have great foliage, others have colorful flowers -- 'Rave On' has both. Neat mounds of bright silvery leaves with green veins and red undersides perfectly show off a generous flurry of coral-pink flowers.

Heuchera is an American genus with lobed leaves and tiny, bell-shaped flowers on wand-like stems. Determined breeders have turned these perennials into some of the most attractive foliage plants for northern gardens. Heucheras make themselves at home in moist but well-drained, organic-enriched soils. Attractive to hummingbirds, rarely troubled by deer. Perfect for your flower borders, when paired with roses.

Hardiness Zone: 4-9 S / 4-9 W

Height: 6"

Exposure: Full or Part Sun

Blooms In: July

Spacing: 18"

Shasta Daisies

shasta daisies

Large white Daisies are favorites both in the garden and for cutting.

If kept deadheaded, they bloom through the summer and into fall.

They add a splash of contrast in the border.

Find White and other colored Daisy plants, Here at a great price!

Create a Flower Border with

pink knockout roses

Knockout Roses A very popular landscape rose. They now are available in many colors, and in double form.

They are very hardy, and easy to grow, with an unbelievable ability to flower continually!

They are considered to be "The perfect" landscape rose!

carpet rose border

These Carpet roses make a great border!

Ideas for Flower Borders using Knockout Roses

Find Ideas for Rose Borders

View some Flower Bed Borders for inspiration

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