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Create colorful flower bed borders with non-stop color with these flower bed ideas. These suggestions will keep color in your garden all season.

Start by; planting some of your favorite perennial flowers. These will be the heart of the garden, coming back each year.

 Next you will fill in around these with annual flowers. Select ones with different colors and textures. By planting flower bed borders this way, you can get a different look each season.

Keep in mind the bloom time, as well as the color combinations, so that blooming varieties don't clash. below you will see some examples of colorful flower bed borders to inspire you.

This colorful border starts with a seedling Knockout rose that will grow much larger in the coming years. The blooms continue non-stop all season. It is surrounded with colorful giant marigolds (annuals)that also produce flowers all season. These you can start yourself from seeds, or buy them in flats at the local nursery. They come in many shades ranging from white, to yellows, to bright oranges. Try different ones to find colors you like.

The Stella de Oro Lily adds a different texture to the border, as well as lots of bright yellow flowers. This one is a perennial that will appear each year without replanting.

The Stella de Oro Lily adds a different texture to the border, as well as lots of bright yellow flowers. This one is a perennial that will appear each year without replanting.

There are lots of flowers as well as different types of roses to make your garden a show piece.

Flower Bed Border with Peony Flowers

peony flower border

This flower border consists of colorful Peony plants. These are wonderful perennials that will live for a very long time. The flowers make great cut flowers for the vase. You do have to stake them or the heavy blooms will be on the ground!

Plant several colors, and don't forget the wonderful Tree peony. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your beautiful flowers! Why not create a lovely calendar with them, so that you can enjoy them year round. Save 50% off on Calendars at Mixbook This on-line photo company makes it easy to make your own calendar from those very pictures! Don't wait!

flower border

Marigolds are super tough annual flowers that add lots of color to the border. Their flowers consist of many varieties and colors, and may be single, double, or two-toned. They are also helpful in keeping pests out of the garden. They have a pungent fragrance that keeps most pests away. Unfortunately, it also keeps Us from picking them for the vase, but you can't beat them for keeping the garden alive with color all season.

Notice the grasses in the border. These perennials add height as well as texture. In the far left you will see a blooming red sedum. (perennial)

Be sure to plant different types of flowers to keep the garden interesting.

If something doesn't work one year, try something different the next. Our gardens are a constant work of art, and can be as simple or as busy as we want them to be.

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