Floribunda Roses

Floribunda rose julia childJulia Child

Floribunda Roses, as the name suggests, produce abundant clusters of colorful flowers over a long season.

Most of these roses  range in height from 2-6 ft, depending on the variety.  As you can see from the pictures below, the rose type 'Floribunda' comes in lots of different colors and even bloom types. They are a most desirable, and worthy rose for your garden.

What are Floribunda Roses?
Most Floribunda  bloom in clusters, while some produce flowers one to a stem. They often have hybrid tea type flowers, or semi-double flowers that are cupped or flat.

Most bloom in sprays, all summer long. The Floribunda's are the most colorful of all rose types,making them great for adding lots of color!

Floribunda Roses, are a cross between a hybrid tea, and a Polyantha rose.

They are usually hardier, bushier, and more low growing than the Hybrid Teas. They are a beautiful landscape rose, that is best used for borders,hedges, or mass plantings.

The flowers can be single, semi-double, double, and some even VERY double!

Because they come in such a large variety of colors,  you're sure to find a few that are perfect for YOUR garden. Scroll down, to  view some of the many colors available.

Some Popular Floribunda Roses

Amber Queen

Apricot gold blooms have 25-30  3 1/2' ruffled petals

Intense fragrance

Grows compact, 3-4'

Hardy bush produces clusters of blooms

Angel Face

angel face floribunda roses

Angel Face

Loads of ruffled lavender blossoms to permeate the air with a strong perfume of citrus from its flowers. These Floribunda roses are a perennial favorite because of the low bushy habit, the nearly continual blooming, the unusual color, and the sweet fragrance.

 Lavender colored blooms on a low and rounded rose bush

Fragrance: Strong, citrus 

Bloom size is Medium, double ruffled, with 25 to 30 petals

Foliage: Dark Green

Apricot Nectar

apricot nectar rose

Boerner 1965

A medium, vigorous, upright, bush plant growing 3-5 ft., depending on climate. Ovid buds open into large, cupped double blooms of a lovely clear shade of pink-apricot.

The velvety blooms have a strong, fruity fragrance. Can be single, or in clusters.

Foliage is glossy, and dark green.

Relatively disease resistant and a heavy bloomer.

Betty Boop

betty boop rose

Yellow/Ivory blooms are edged with red. Very vigorous bush plant grows 3-3 1/2 feet.

Abundant blooms that re-bloom quickly. Performs well in all climates.Fruity fragrance

Hardy zones 5-10

Removing spent blooms on the Betty Boop rose, encourages more frequent flushes of flowers.

Betty Prior

Carmine pink 5-7 petals are single form. The blooms age to a deeper pink.

Moderate fragrance,

Grows vigorous, upright, bushy 4-6'

Thrives in harsh climates!

Bill Warriner

bill warriner rose

Salmon/ coral pink with ruffled edges. A constant bloomer with classic hybrid tea form flowers, that repeat in abundance. Glossy dark green semi-glossy foliage stands out well against the blooms.

Bush is medium 3-4 ft.

Hybridizer Zary 1997

Slight fragrance.

This one was named in memory of a prolific hybridizer Bill Warriner.

Bill Warriner is a real standout in the garden.

Black Cherry

black cherry rose

Dark red blooms have 20-25 petals

Grows vigorous, upright 3 1/2' x5'

Slight, damask fragrance

Blueberry Hill

blueberry hill rose

Outstanding Lilac color on this Floribunda

Upright, medium, rounded and bushy. Plant grows 3-4 ft. Blooms are large, clear, Lilac, exhibition form, with golden stamens.

Fragrance is sweet, apple. Foliage is large, serrated, dark green, and glossy. A constant bloomer that does well in all climates.

More on Blueberry Hill....

Brothers Grimm

Orange/apricot blend with a yellow reverse

Flowers are 2 1/2-3" across, appearing in clusters

Grows upright, 2-3'

Mild fragrance

dark green, glossy foliage

Burgundy Iceberg

burgungy iceburg rose

This is a relative of the well known ‘Iceberg’ rose.  Burgundy Iceberg is just as hardy, and exceptionally disease-resistant. It bears the most beautiful, deep wine-purple color blooms.

This rose becomes a compact shrub that is well adapted to borders, mass plantings, or for use in the garden as a single specimen. It has a medium fragrance. The purple color on these floribunda roses intensifies in cooler weather. The rose bush grows 3-4 feet.

More about Burgundy Iceberg...

Candy Spelling


Flowers are 3-4" across

Grows 4-5'

Mild, fruity fragrance

Extremely floriferous

Caribbean Breeze

Orange/pink blend with wavy petals

Compact growing


read more about it Here

Cinco De Mayo

cinco de mayo rose

This very unusual color is hard to describe. Smokey lavender, and rusty orange/red is close!

Flowers appear in clusters, providing a mild sweet apple scent. Blooms fade to a lighter shade with age.

Plant grows 3-4 ft.

Hardy zones 6-10

Learn more about Cinco de Mayo..  It grows in MY garden! I love it!


Shades of peach/coral and salmon

Flowers are 4-5"

Grows 4-5'

Mild, fruity fragrance

High centered blooms, great cut flowers

good disease resistance


daybreaker floribunda rose

Medium, bushy and vigorous!

grows 3-5 ft.

medium, dark green with red edging foliage, is glossy

Yellow buds change to shades of pink and apricot.

Performs well in all climates. A flower-laden plant that makes a stunning display in the garden.

Wonderful for cutting too!


Pink, Peach blend

3" flowers

Mild to no scent

Very colorful blooms!

Doris Day

Golden Yellow ruffled blooms

Flowers are 4-6"

Grows 3-5'

Strong fragrance. Fruit and sweet spice

Disease resistant, rounded bushes

Drop Dead Red

Velvety red double blooms

Flowers are 4-6'

Grows 4-5'

Mild, sweet fragrance

Blooms in clusters

Easy Does It

Scalloped, ruffled blooms are a mix of mango orange. peach, pink, and honey apricot

Blooms are 3-5"

Moderate fragrance

Grows 3-5'


Easy Going

easy going rose

Upright, bushy, medium plant 3- 3 1/2 ft. Blooms are large, golden apricot with a peachy overlay. A moderate fruity fragrance.

Disease resistant, and does well in all climates. It produces well- spaced clusters of golden yellow blooms, with glossy green foliage.

Easy Going rose is wonderful in mass plantings,

Hardy zones 5-10

Ebb Tide

A most beautiful, deep plum/purple Floribunda with an intense clove scent!


europeana floribunda rose

This Floribunda bears extraordinary clusters of seductive dark red double blossoms. The abundance of blooms can often overshadow the deep green foliage and bronze new growth.

Blooms are a dark, velvet red This is a Medium, rounded rose bush Fragrance: Light tea

Bloom Size: Medium, in large clusters, with 25 to 30  Deep green foliage learn more about Europeana


eutin floribunda rose

Double, cup shaped blooms are lightly scented. Blooms appear in large clusters, on long stems. One spray will make an entire bouquet. Mid to late season bloom continues till frost.

Plant grows medium tall, upright, bushy, and spreading.

makes a nice rose for hedges.more about Eutin..

Fire 'n' Ice

Dusty red with a white reverse

flowers are 4"

Mild fragrance

 Grows 5-6'

Popular florist rose

Frankly Scarlet

Red blooms 4" across with 20-25 petals

Compact growing 3' x 3'

Quick re-bloom

Disease resistant

Hardy zones 6-9

Friends Embrace

Sunny Yellow


Grows 4' by 3'

Learn more....

Hanna Gordan

White with brilliant red edges. Golden stamens when open

Flowers are 4-6"

Slight fragrance

Vigorous plants grow tall 5-7'

Clusters of blooms on rounded, disease resistant foliage

Heart n Soul

heart n soul floribunda rose

More Floribunda roses with some spectacular colors!

Very vigorous, growing upright 4-5 ft. Blooms have white with red ruffled edges.(very pretty) Slight fragrance.

Foliage is medium, reddish dark green, and semi-glossy.

This easy to grow roses are a great conversation piece in the garden. The blooms with their contrasting colors of white edged with brilliant red are spectacular.

A disease resistant bush with a tall growth habit.

Honey Bouquet

Yellow blend, cluster flowered with Large size blooms.

Very Fragrant! View more with picture..


White blooms are 4-6" Sprays of blooms cover the plant

Grows 4-6'

Moderate fragrance

very disease resistant


intrique floribunda rose

This floribunda rose has deep purple, velvety plum colored flowers that are perfectly complemented by the powerful perfume of citrus and rose.

It grows Medium  size,and  bushy

Fragrance: Strong citrus Blooms are Medium to large size and double with a Petal Count of 25 to 30 petals The foliage is Dark green

Johann Strauss

johann strauss floribunda rose

The plant is medium, bushy, and compact, growing 4 ft. The globular pink blooms are slightly suffused with yellow. Blooms appear in small clusters.

Foliage is medium, dark green, semi-glossy with few prickles.

Hybridizer Meilland 1983

Julia Child

Buttery Yellow

Strong licorice and spice fragrance

Grows to 3'

Ketchup & Mustard

Bright red with a mustard yellow reverse

Grows 3-4' well rounded plants

Mild fragrance

Velvety blooms on a floriferous bush

Koko Loko

Milk chocolate and lavender ( Chocolate colored blooms mature to a soft lavender)

Rounded, bushy plants grow 3-4'

Mild fragrance

Love Song

Lavender blooms are 5"

Mild citrus fragrance

 Grows 3-4'

Old fashioned flower form

Marmalade Skies

marmalade skies rose

Orange/red easy to grow Floribunda.

Gets better as it gets established!

Blooms in large clusters and holds it color.

Bush grows 3-4 feet.

Slight fragrance

Great accent bush.

Nice planted near yellow roses.

photo courtsey Rick Leche

Some Good Choices of Floribunda Roses for Your Garden


Fragrant, showy Orange/Salmon, blended with silver. Flowers are hybrid tea shaped, bloom all summer in sprays, growing 2-3'.

Black Cherry

Red Roses have 3-4" blooms. Disease resistant plant re-blooms frequently. Light, Damask fragrance. Grows 3-4'

Betty Prior

Early blooming, is very prolific. Sprays of medium pink, resemble dogwood blossoms. Plants can grow to 5'.

Distant Drums- Orchid pink flowers, shading to lavender on the edges, have hints of gold in the center.  3-4” double flowers, appear in clusters, on lightly fragrant plants. Dark green foliage is disease resistant.  Grows 3-4’ tall


Huge sprays of velvety red blooms. Double flowers are slightly fragrant. Plant grows 2-3' with a spreading habit. (Lovely floribunda rose)

First Kiss

Light Pink color,lightly fragrant. These Floribunda roses are very free flowering with good repeat all season. Medium size plant.

honey perfume rose

Honey Perfume

This vigorous Floribunda Shrub Rose is clad with glossy green, mildew- and rust-resistant leaves and loaded with clusters of 4in, apricot-yellow blooms. 

The blooms fade to ivory as they age. With a rich, spicy fragrance, and bright yellow flowers,it becomes an irresistible rose for your garden.


Pure white, very fragrant flowers, appear in large sprays all summer long. Plants can grow 4-5',with a slightly spreading habit. They make an excellent hedge rose. Very winter hardy.

Julia's Child 
Learn more about The Julia Child Rose Bush

Ketchup & Mustard- Red petals w/mustard yellow reverse.3-4” blooms are mildly fragrant. Velvety blooms on a 3-4’ plant with glossy foliage. Blooms in flushes all season. Zone 6-9

Koko Loko  Unique color changing blooms begin a light chocolate and age to soft lavender. Beautiful blooms for cutting!

Learn more about it here..

Livin Easy Apricot orange ruffled blooms on a very hardy bush. Very disease resistant! Learn more...

Love Song- Lavender flowers are 5” across. Rounded, 3-4’ bushes. Blooms have a mild citrus fragrance, and  hold their color well, especially in cooler temperatures, which bring fort the larger blooms. It flowers in abundance, and has rich green leaves.


Large clusters of creamy white 4" blooms with a sweet raspberry fragrance. Glossy dark green foliage. Grows 5'


Scarlet/orange semi-double blooms with a light fragrance

Obsession          New for 2015 

Vibrant red color

Lightly scented

4" flowers are gorgeous!

Purchase the Obsession rose Here

Oranges and Lemons

Orange and yellow stripped rose. Medium to large double blooms, are produced in clusters.Strong growing, upright plant can grow to 5'. If you want something different, this is it! Each flower has a different stripe pattern. Very lovely.


Large clusters of fragrant orange flowers tinged with yellow blooms throughout the season. An incredibly hardy and disease-resistant plant.

Pastel blooms are light yellow-orange. Light Orange,Light Yellow /Ovoid, Pointed buds on 14"-18" stems Dark Green foliage. A Strong,Citrus fragrance Full Sun


Single blooms of orange,copper,gold, and scarlet, will draw you to it like a magnet! An absolute beauty! I've never seen a more colorful rose! Grows to 4' (Every garden should have at least one)Learn more about the Playboy Rose

Sexy Rexy- 3-5’, perfect pink colored blooms appear in huge clusters. On 2-4’ plants. Shiny, dark green, disease resistant foliage. Very vigorous grower.


Nice edging rose, that grows only 2' tall. Very ruffled, bright scarlet colored flowers, have yellow stamens. Large sprays of flowers, on compact plants on these Floribunda roses

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