Flaming Peace Rose

Hybrid Tea Roses

The Flaming Peace rose is unique to the family of roses with the 'Peace' name. The blooms open to crimson colored petals with a light yellow reverse, but with age the color changes.

They fade to become purplish/red with a creamy white/yellow reverse.

The red or purplish color tends to be determined by the temperature. Some will call it more reddish, others more of a purple red.

When you look at the rose from the side, you will see yellow outer petals encompassing the deeper red color, thus the 'flaming' part to its name.

This color sport of the original Peace rose has the same double bloom form, cupped blooms. The roses have only a slight fragrance to them.

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Type Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybridizer Samuel Darragh McGredy IV  (around 1964).

Blooms Crimson with a lighter reverse (Colors change) Double, cupped bloom form. Flowers are 6" across with over 40 petals

Fragrance Only slight fragrance

Foliage Dark Green, Glossy Foliage

Growth Habits Grows Upright, around 4-5' tall

Hardy Zones 7-9b

Parentage Sport of Peace

The blooms on the 'Flaming Peace' rose are very full and quite large, up to 6" across.

If you live in New Zealand, you would know it by a different name. It was introduced there as 'Kronenbourg' in 1966.

The Flaming Peace rose blooms continually, in flushes all through the growing season.

Although very beautiful, the flowers are not quite as dependable as the original. They are not as long lasting, especially in warm weather.

It is classified as a red blend with a yellow reverse, but those who grow it consider it to be otherwise. I love (all) the roses in the Peace family, but I've not yet seen this one for myself. I am curious to actually see first hand the bloom color.

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