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How to Build Garden Pathways
 from Flagstone

flagstone walk

Would a lovely Flagstone Walk look good in your garden?

Jerri from North Carolina wanted one,and tackled the job.

Scroll down to read her story, and find detailed instructions on how she made her walk from flagstones for her garden!

How to make this Walkway

To make garden pathways for your own Flagstone Walk:

  • 1. Begin by excavating the soil to a depth of about 4 inches
  • 2. Next add 2 inches of gravel dust and tamp it down
  • 3. Then put in flexible landscape edging along the outside of the pathway to give the edge of the pathway stones support and to keep them from shifting
  • Note: I purchased stone that were about 1 and 1/2 inches thick

  • 4. I started laying them out in a random pattern, leaving at least a 1 inch gap in between the stones, while adding and taking away granite dust until I got each stone level
  • 5. After laying all the stones, I went back and filled in the spaces with dry mortar mix ( the bags come premixed with cement and sand ) , making sure to leave a fourth of an inch of the stone exposed above the dry mix
  • 6. Then I got out the garden hose and put it on a light sprinkle setting and watered the mortar mix thoroughly
  • This type of process is suitable for light to medium traffic. If your pathway will be getting moderate to heavy traffic, you should mix your concrete with water by package instructions and put the mix into a mortar bag and squeeze it in between the stones.

Her Story...

-Your stone walk is beautiful! (as are your gardens)! You did a wonderful job. Walkways can really add to the garden.

Tell us how you came to build it.....
I started dabbling in garden in 1995. I had a few stumps in the yard, (due to hurricane Hugo ), that were an eyesore. I decided to plant around them in an attempt to hide them from view. Several years went by, as my son was still young and he and I were inseparable. As he grew older and more independent, I started gardening in earnest about six years later. It quickly blossomed into my favorite hobby, ( an obsession according to my husband... ) I live in a rural area, so I planted a cottage style / mixed border garden to blend in with it's surroundings.

  As my garden grew, I started adding some hard-scaping to compliment the garden. My favorite addition was a stone pathway.

Being I had an informal garden I chose to make my pathway with the top of the stones exposed to give it an old world, informal appearance.

How long did it take you to construct this Flagstone Walk... The pathway took me about two weeks to complete, working on it in the evenings and on the weekends. It was a simple process that really enhanced my landscape. It's a great project for anyone who has the free time and a good back.... I hope I've inspired some of you to give it a try.

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