Fimbriata Rose

Rosa Rugosa

Fimbriata roseFimbriata

The Fimbriata rose is a shrub rose that reaches about 4' high. The unique looking blooms are pale pink and fimbriated - they remind me of a carnation and it's my favorite rose !!!
says; reader  Louise D   (Somerset, UK.) (see picture above!)

The Fimbriata rose is a very unusual little rose with pale pink blooms that are deeper pink toward the middle of the bloom.  They do indeed resemble a carnation flower!

The fringed little flowers appear in clusters, and are very fragrant roses. They are semi-double bloom form, and look a bit like someone cut the edges with pinking shears!

Type  Rugosa Rose

Hybridizer Morlet 1981 (France)

Blooms Light pink, frilly, semi-double flowers have 9-16 petals

Growth Habits Dense foliage, Hardy rose, can grow 4-5’ by 4’ wide

Foliage  Dark green, textured, Large, Rugosa leaves

Fragrance   Mild-strong fragrance (opinions vary)

Hardy Zone  zones 4/5 -9

More about the Fimbriata Rose....

Parents of this rose; Rosa Rugosa x MME Alfred Carrier

The small, semi-double pink frilly flowers, are in layers, and make you look twice to wonder if they are indeed a rose or a carnation flower.

The unusual rose flowers are fringed, and have a clump of yellow stamens in their center.

Other gardeners disagree on them being fragrant roses, and consider them only mildly fragrant. (I think fragrance may vary by location.)

These Rugosa roses bloom continually, and like most other Rugosa roses are very hardy.

This rose is nice planted in the garden as a shrub, or in a perennial border. Or any where you want an unusual looking rose.

You'll find very good disease resistance on this one. It is especially good for Northern gardens, where it is very cold hardy.

It's not fussy at all about soil, and is even tolerant of seaside conditions. Another quality of Rugosa roses; they don't like to be fussed over!

Unlike most roses, this is a drought tolerant rose.

I find that you either love, or hate this rose! Personally, I Love these roses!


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