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A Quick Reference Guide to Common Organic Fertilizers for Healthy Roses

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When it comes to Fertilizer Organic is in my book the only solution!

Roses are heavy feeders, and need fertilizer. Organic preferably ...

They need the basic N_K_P (Nitrogen) (Phosphorus) and (Potassium)

Knowing how much and when to apply it is helpful. You should first test the soil, to see if it lacks anything.

Below you will find the most common organic fertilizers;

Fertilizer Organic Alternatives....

Alfalfa   One of the best ingredients to use for your roses, (usually found in rose foods). It contains a natural stimulant plus trace minerals.

Twice a year, you should lightly work about a half cup of the meal into the soil around each bush.

If a bush seems like it needs a little ump... soak a cup of the pellets in 5 gallons of water (let soak several days), then use a gallon of the mix on each bush.

Blood Meal

Blood meal is high in nitrogen. You need to be careful with it, because if you use to much you can burn the roots of the bush.

Buy the stuff from the feed store. Agricultural blood meal, with the yellow colored greasy look, is much better than those small bags available at nursery centers.(cheaper too)

In both spring, and fall, apply a few tablespoons to each bush, and water in well.

Bone Meal

This is high in phosphorus and calcium. This fertilizer organic is good for roots and blooms.

This is slow released, and takes time breaking down. It raises the ph, so if you don't need phosphorous, don't use this.

About a quarter to a half cup per bush, two times a year is all that is needed.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate.. It is composed of 9.8% magnesium, and 6% sulfur. (A combination that roses love!)(best used in small doses.) An excess of this will be toxic to your rose plants! If your soil test show that you are not already high in magnesium sulfate, apply twice a year at the rate of two tablespoons per bush. Apply at spring pruning, and again after the fall pruning.

Fish Emulsion

This is a good, balanced fertilizer. Organic "food" for your roses! Follow directions on the bottle for the right amount. Generally it is used once a year.

Granite Dust

This is a good source of potassium. For a new bed, mix it in at a rate of 10 lbs per 100 square feet.

On established roses, mix with other organic fertilizer, around one lb. per bush. This one lasts about 10 years, so forget it once it's done!

Green sand

Also good for 10 years, this is very good, containing nitrogen, phosphorus, silica, iron, and potassium.

Green sand will slightly reduce the ph, and loosen the soil.


Made of calcium sulfur, it has a neutral ph, and slowly helps clay soil become crumbly to aid in drainage.


This varies in nutrient content, depending on the age of it, and the diet of the animal. It is best used when it is well aged or composted so it won't burn plant roots. It's hard to add to much!


Sold as kelp meal, it contains lots of trace minerals, and a host of other good stuff! Use once or twice a year according to the directions.

Soybean Meal

Contains a good source for nitrogen and potassium.  You'll find it in feed stores.  Use one cup per bush, two to four times a year.

Most gardeners like to play around with the different fertilizers (organic), available to them, and some swear theirs is the best.

I say, if you've never used any of these products before, tread lightly and keep records of what you to, to know what works best for you.

Each garden is as different as the gardener, in terms of soil, and what the garden needs, so it would be best to get the soil tested first, then be careful in following directions using these common organic fertilizers,and always... water... water..... after applying (and before applying) any fertilizer.

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