Fantin-Latour Rose

Once-blooming Centiflora Rose

The Fantin-Latour rose is a very beautiful once blooming Centiflora rose.

It begins with deep pink buds that open to large, full, cupped pale pink flowers.  The blush pink flowers deepen to shell pink at the center with swirls of thin petals.

The richly perfumed, quartered blooms on the Fantin-Latour Rose typically  have over 200 petals, and when open reveal an attractive button center.  

 The beautiful blooms appear in medium sized clusters, on canes with few thorns.

This rose blooms only once per season. Each Spring, you will enjoy abundant blooms that last a very long time. The blooming lasts a full month, even in warmer zones.

 Even though this is a once-bloomer, most agree... they are certainly worth it! The fragrance of this rose has been described as intoxicating, (overpowering) actually.

This is a found rose from an earlier century. It could possibly be a Centiflora-China cross and not a true Centiflora.

Type    Centiflora

Hybridizer   Unknown

Growth Habits     Vigorous, upright, Bushy

Blooms    Blush pink deepen to shell pink in the center flowers are large 4 ½-5” across, quartered

Foliage Small size, dark green Smooth, matte

Hardy Zone   zones 4-8

More about these Rugosa Roses Fantin Latour

These hardy Old Garden roses grow upright, with plenty of branches. It can grow 5-6’ tall, and not quite so wide. In warmer climate zones, the bush grows a bit smaller (4ft. tall and wide). This rosebush can become very big, mounding to 4-5feet high, and much wider. If left on its own, it will sprawl out considerably.

The almost thorn-less canes have matte blue-green leaves that make the flowers really stand out well.

The canes will arch down under the weight of the flowers.  You might want to tie the canes down, so you can get them to bend where you want, and become a nicer looking bush.

This rose was named for the well-known ”Henri  Fantin Latour” A nineteenth century French painter of still lifes. Many of his paintings were of old garden roses. He was known for painting flowers in a very romantic way, so if you've ever seen paintings of old "Victorian looking" roses, you know what these look like.

It has very good disease resistance, and is very hardy.  It is one of the few old European roses that can do well in the South.

No need to pamper the Fantin-Latour rose, it doesn’t need it. Actually it prefers to grow freely without any fuss.

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