F J Grootendorst Rose

Hybrid Rugosa Roses

f.j. grootendorst rose

The F J Grootendorst rose are rather unusual looking hybrid Rugosa roses.

The fringed, soft red flowers resemble carnations, and look nothing like roses.

The blooms are small and very double. They have serrated edges giving them the look of a carnation flower.

The flowering is prolific, and blooms come in sprays of a couple dozen flowers.The First Spring bloom is spectacular, with abundant repeat blooms all season, well into the Fall.

The pretty flowers have no scent.

Type Hybrid Rugosa

Hybridizer Degoey F.J. Grootendorst 1918

Growth Habits A mounded shrub rose bush that can grow 4-5’ tall by 5'wide.

Blooms Dark Pink/Red colored blooms, are small, double flowers, with serrated edges

Foliage leathery leaves, semi-glossy lots of prickles

Fragrance no fragrance

Hardy zone   4-8

More about F J Grootendorst Rose

f.j. grootendorst rose bush

This is a hardy shrub rose that you will either love or hate. Personally I grow it and Love it!

It forms a dense shrub rose that thrives with little attention. To grow it as a hedge, plant them about 4 feet apart, and within 3 years they will be touching.

It makes a nice specimen rose in the back of the border as well.

In Fall the leaves of this rose turn a warm orange-red color. The flowers continue right up until a hard frost. (This rose is the last one to finally stop producing flowers in my zone 5 garden.) The bush is continually producing new buds. Sometimes the remaining ones die when completely covered in snow.

The F J Grootendorst bush is vigorous, hardy, and disease resistant, making it one of my favorites in the garden.

Each Spring I remove any dead canes, and give the whole bush a trim to shorten it back (which makes it also become bushy and produce more flowers). Caution: It is Very prickly! The most prickly rose in my garden.

Because it is a Rugosa, I don't give it any fertilizer, but it rewards me each year with a generous amount of flowers.

There are two sports of this rose; 'White Grootendorst', and 'Pink Grootendorst'  I actually grow both the red and the pink, and love them both!

Growing F J Grootendorst rose in my garden is like having a (carnation) tree!

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