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The Evelyn Rose, is one of the most fragrant of the David Austin English Roses. The soft, apricot colored roses are sometimes tinged with a soft pink. These English garden roses are almost thorn-less.

They are repeat flowering roses that do best in warmer climates. The rather large flowers on the Evelyn rose have a strong, sweet, fruity scent. The shallow-cupped flowers have numerous petals that re-curve in to form a lovely rosette shape.

The colors of the blooms will vary a bit with the seasons.

Type English Musk Rose (Austin Roses)

Hybridizer Austin 1991

Blooms The color is a soft apricot, tinged with soft pink, fading to light pink. Flowers are almost 5” across, with 70 plus petals

Growth Habits The bush grows upright, and tall. It can reach 4’ by 3’, or 6’ as a climber

Foliage Foliage is large, and pale green in color

Fragrance The fragrance is Strong. A sweet fragrance

Hardy Zone Hardy to zone 5

The size of the flowers, continuous, prolific blooms, and amazing fragrance, makes this rose a popular choice for warmer climates. David Austin considers it one of his most fragrant creations.

The rose "Evelyn" was named on behalf of "Crabtree & Evelyn". They used the exquisite fragrance in their rose perfumes, soaps, and lotions. The intense scent is reminiscent of old garden roses, yet has a hint of fresh peaches and apricot. A very sweet, desirable fragrance for a rose!

The color of these shrub roses,is peach/pink in the center, while the backs fade to creamy pink at the edges. The color seems to vary from one rose to another, as well as one area to another. Warmer temperatures tend to make the flowers more pink in color.

The shape of the rose somewhat varies as well. But it's old-fashioned rosette form, with a button eye, is most striking everywhere it grows!

The beautiful Evelyn rose will grow much larger in warmer climates.  The blooms are huge, and lush, drooping heavily from the bush. The nodding pink blooms are magnificient! The bush is not the most vigorous growing English rose you will find, but it has a very good repeat blooming cycle.

Black spot can sometimes be a problem with this rose.

Be sure to keep the flowers dead-headed to encourage re-blooming. Learn more about dead-heading roses here.

Uses for this rose: Shrub, short climber, garden rose

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