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europeana rose

The Europeana Rose, are red Floribunda roses that appear in clusters of glowing crimson flowers.

These hardy rose bushes, bear large clusters of dark crimson, rosette shaped flowers. The double flowers are large (up to 3" across), and come in clusters of up to 30 blooms.

The Europeana rose, with its pretty red Floribunda roses, are as popular now as they were over 30 years ago when they were introduced.

They have long since set the standard for judging red cluster-flowered roses.

You'll only smell a light, tea fragrance on this rose, but the sheer mass of flower power, certainly makes up for the lack of strong scent.

The first flush of blooms in the Spring, is sometimes so intense, that the foliage is completely covered with beautiful red double blooms!

The bush is great for adding a lot of color to your garden. They also make nice roses for cutting, giving you a bouquet from a single spray.

Learn how to make your cut roses last longer here.

And if you like showing your roses, these have well spaced flower heads that are lovely for exhibiting.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer de Ruiter 1963

Blooms Velvety crimson red color. The flowers are 3” across, with 25-30 petals

Growth Habits This rose bush grows upright,and rounded, It is a vigorous grower that can reach 3 -4’

Foliage The foliage is large, dark green,and semi-glossy

Fragrance Only a slight, tea fragrance

Awards Golden Rose of the Hague 1962, AARS 1968, Portland Gold Medal 1970

Hardy Zone hardy zone 4-9

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The new leaves appear red/purple in color, then turn to a dark green.

These hardy rose bushes (zones 4-9) have excellent flower production, producing large flat-topped trusses of velvety red blooms.

The flowers hold their color well, and do not fade in the sun, as some other red roses do.

To intensify the red color even more, plant some white roses, or grey-green plants such as catmint around them.

This proven performer loves the heat!

Europeana rose is a vigorous growing rose bush that is well deserved of it's many awards, and is a consistent performer in all climates.

It's been around for a while, and still a very worthwhile rose to grow in your garden.

It is certainly considered an 'easy care' rose. It is very disease resistant, but mildew can sometimes be a problem.

Some common uses include; mass planting, small hedges, foundation plantings, rose garden rose.

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