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Pink Hybrid Tea Roses

electron rose

The Electron Rose, is a classic Hybrid Tea. These Hybrid Tea roses are a beautiful shocking pink color, and very fragrant roses.

The Electron rose is a vigorous rose bush, that has won many international awards.

It is ideal for the garden, the vase, and even the exhibition show table.

The classically formed pink roses are fully double, and intensely fragrant, with a very sweet, damask scent.

It was bred in Northern Ireland, where it is known as 'Mullard Jubilee'. Here in the United States, it has become quite popular, proving itself under a wide variety of climates. In the U.S. it is known as "Electron"

 Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Sam McGredy 1970

Blooms Shocking Pink Flowers are 5” across, with 32-40 petals

Growth Habits bushy grower, Upright, Medium size The bush can reach 3 1/2’ tall by 3’ wide

Foliage Foliage is large, deep green, and glossy

Fragrance Intense ,sweet, damask fragrance

Awards Golden Medal Royal National Rose Society 1969, Golden Rose of the Hague 1970, Belfast Gold Medal 1972, AARS 1973, Portland Gold Medal 1973

Hardy Zone zone 6-10

The glowing pink, Hybrid Tea formed flowers are at their best when the bud is just past half open. They slowly open to a big cup shape, with re-flexed petals. The flowers are usually born singly.

The electric deep pink color is one that you either love or hate.

These Hybrid Tea roses are very popular roses for cutting, as well as being used for exhibition. The flowers open slowly, making them good candidates for both.

They hold their color well, sometimes fading slightly at the edges.

Note; Gardeners have reported that the flowers are slow to repeat on this rose bush.

These lovely pink roses grow on a vigorous but compact plant. The canes have lots of prickles (thorns), and glossy, dark green leaves.

This rose bush tends to do best in more cooler climates, because it can be susceptible to fungal diseases in warmer regions.

Parents; Paddy McGredy x Prima Ballerina

In 1970, the Mullard Electronics Company offered Sam McGreedy 10 000 for the naming rights of a new rose, but they insisted it would be a world beater, and nothing less. The rose was called 'Mullard Jubilee', and true to the bargain, it won just about all the awards there were!

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