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The Eden Rose, also known by Pierre De Ronsard Roses in France, produces the most stunning, old-fashioned, nodding, pink flowers in abundance. The first flush of blooms on the Eden rose cover the plant from top to bottom, in a spectacular display! This climbing rose bush, continues to produce flowers all season, but in smaller numbers.

The lovely pink roses, are light pink/cream colored or Ivory, with the petals edged in a deeper pink color. The color seems to vary, and sometimes the pink will be more obvious toward the center of the flower, with whiter edges.

A bush in full bloom, covers itself with heavy nodding flowers that have a light, sweet fragrance.

photo courtesy Ameraroses.com where you'll find lots more beautiful pictures of this rose!

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Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Marie Louise Meilland (France) 1987

Growth Habits vigorous grower

Blooms Large and full with over 40 petals. Color is creamy Ivory/pink with darker centers (color varies)

Foliage Large size, bright green, semi-glossy

Fragrance Light, Sweet

Awards World Federation of Rose Societies "Roses Hall of Fame" 2006

Hardy zone  Hardy in zones 5-9

More about the Eden rose....

These old-fashioned looking roses are shaped like cabbages, with a most charming muddle of infolding petals. The flowers on this large flowered climber are very full, as you can see in the photos on this page.

They are very 'Romantic' looking roses, that make stunning bridal bouquets, or wedding floral arrangements.

This beautiful rose grows to the height of an average climber. Your planting zone determines how tall it will grow. (Warmer climates generally grow taller bushes)

eden rose bush

Planting Eden on a fence or wall, will allow the strong branching shoots to spread out for a most desirable display. It can also be trained to grow up a tall pillar, or even grown as a large shrub rose with support.

The large, double, globular blooms of the Eden rose are slow to open and last a long time on the bush. They also make excellent cut flowers for the vase, and have few prickles (thorns).

The bush is said to be very disease resistant to specific rose diseases such as black-spot, mildew and rust.
It's name sake 'Pierre De Ronsard'(1524-1585) was a court poet in France and Scotland. He was also a very good gardener.

Note: Training climbing roses more horizontal, rather than straight up, will always give you more blooms!

Once you see the lovely blooms for yourself, you'll surely want more!

I grew this rose many years ago, and I really loved it. I plan on ordering one in the spring for my own garden.

There is a new sport from this rose called 'Pretty in Pink Eden Rose' that has the same great qualities, only with deeper pink rose flowers that have  more fragrance.

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