Ebb Tide Rose

Purple Floribunda Roses

The Ebb Tide rose, as you can see from the picture, is a very beautiful deep purple colored Floribunda Rose.

Ebb Tide RoseEbb Tide

The medium to large sized flowers are full of petals (26-40). As they open, the bright yellow stamens are visible, and add a beautiful contrast to the deep violet petals.

The lovely purple rose flowers rest on semi-glossy dark green leaves.

The roses are heavily scented with an intense clove, spicy fragrance that makes you want to draw them to your face for a closer sniff.

More about the Ebb Tide rose..

Type Floribunda rose

Hybridizer Tom Carruth 2001 (United States)

Blooms Violet Purple 35 plus petals, blooms are 3-4" across

Growth Habit Vigorous, Upright growing, 3-4'

Foliage Medium size, semi-glossy, dark green (a nice contrast)

Fragrance Strong, spicy, clove

Hardy Zones zones 5-9

This rosebush is a vigorous growing bush that grows upward and bushy. It can reach a height of 3-4'. It gets better with age, so give it a year or two to get established!

Each year it produces more blooms!

It is your typical Floribunda rose that blooms in small clusters throughout the season.

It has that old fashioned bloom form and is quite an attention getter in the garden. The attractive blooms are a smoky, deep plum purple color that slowly reveal those bright yellow stamens. The remarkable blooms command attention amidst the dark green foliage.

Once the viewer notices the blooms and starts in that direction, the fragrance wows them!

These roses remind me of the beautiful English  roses that I love so much. Did I mention they are hardy to my zone, very fragrant, and love to bloom? (Also, purple roses have a special meaning for me, so I planted one this spring in memory of my beautiful Mother)

Note:  I planted one of these this spring. I see a  bud forming! I will post pictures of my Ebb Tide rose bloom as soon as it opens!

Wondering where you can get one?

Purchase this lovely rose HERE icon

Keep faded flowers deadheaded to encourage more blooms.

This is a great bedding rose to use in containers, beds or in the border.

Be sure to pick some fragrant bouquets for the vase.


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