Easter Basket Rose

Pastel Colored Floribunda Roses

The Easter Basket rose is a pastel colored Floribunda rose that simply loves to bloom!

The frilly edged petals add to the uniqueness of this rose. The soft, warm colors are reminiscent of those you might see in those pastel colored Easter eggs.

Easter Basket Rose

The semi-double, frilled flowers are white/creamy yellow and edged in pink. Various shades of colors seem to appear simultaneously on the bush as the colors change.

The outer edges are tinted pink, and the center of the rose is a darker shade of yellow.

The blooms are about 2 1/2 -3" across with 17-25 petals. They appear on the bush in small clusters. The 'Easter Basket' rose blooms in long lasting flushes, making the bush seem to be always in bloom.

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Type Floribunda rose

Hybridizer Alain Meiland 2006 (France)

Blooms Creamy yellow with darker centers and pink edges. Blooms are not quite 3" across with 17-25 petals

Fragrance None to mild scent

Foliage Medium green, glossy foliage

Growth Habits Bushy Growing. Can get 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide

Hardy Zones  zones 6-9 (some references suggest zones 5-9)

Parentage Carefree Beauty x Strawberry Ice x (Gold Marie)

This multi-colored Floribunda rose is very disease resistant, especially to blackspot. The beautiful old fashioned looking flowers are long lasting.

It blooms on new wood, so prune it early in the season, and keep spent flowers deadheaded for the best re-bloom.

It produces flowers in abundance, and is perfect for low hedges. It would also make a nice focal point in the garden, either the center of a bed of dark colored roses, or by itself surrounded with small blue flowers.

Note; I saw 'Easter Basket' blooming at the Elizabeth Rose Garden in Conn. and it was gorgeous! (Pictured above)


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