Drying Roses
How to Dry Roses

drying roses

Drying roses from your garden is a rather simple process.

When you dry your roses, you preserve them for use in crafts, or dried bouquets. By drying roses you can enjoy them again and again, long after the garden is done for the season.

There are a few different ways to dry your roses. Try one method or try them all!

With any method you choose, be sure to choose flowers/and or buds that are in perfect condition. Don't use ones that are flawed with chewed petals, or other imperfections. After the flower is dried, it will still have the same imperfection, drying doesn't fix any flaws.

When drying fresh roses from your garden, the best time to cut the flowers is early morning or late evening. You'll want to cut the roses just before they reach their full bloom.

Need to dry some in a hurry? Drying Flowers by Microwaving

Air Drying Roses

air dried rose

This is the easiest method to dry the flowers. It is a simple process that has been done for generations.  You must hang the flowers upside down, because the heavy flower heads will flop if not dried this way.

Cut the flowers during the best time of day (early morning, or late evening),strip the leaves from the stems. The leaves retain moisture and slow the drying process. They add nothing to the look of the dried flower.(Some people prefer to leave on a few leaves), it's a matter of preference.

You can however, add dried Babies Breath, or other flowers or grasses to a dried bouquet.

Learn How Drying Flowers is as easy as Drying Roses You can dry single flowers, or small bunches, just use flowers of the same size in the bunch.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut the roses
  2. Tie the stems with string, cord or ribbon.
  3. Hang upside down in a warm, dark dry place that has good ventilation.
  4. Allow to dry for Two weeks.
  5.  When fully dry, spray the flower with hairspray to preserve their color.(if you spray, spray VERY lightly!) Over spraying- wets the flower- and destroys the drying process) The very first roses I dried, I made that mistake)

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flower drying rack

Drying Roses with Desiccant

silica gel for drying flowers

This method involves using Silica Gel. Silica gel (Silicon Dioxide) is a synthetic solid material, used to draw out moisture.

It is commonly used in packaging. Small packets of it are placed in purses, shoe boxes, etc., to absorb moisture and keep the humidity from affecting the items in the package.

This process of drying out roses is best used for flowers that are to be used for decorations, dried wreaths, and dry floral arrangements.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut roses either early morning or late evening. Do not uses ones that are wet from rain or dew. Cut flowers leaving a 1" stem.
  2. Put 1/2" Silica Gel in an airtight container.
  3. Place Rose Blooms Facing Up. Flowers should not touch the container or other flowers.
  4. Using a plastic container that you can squeeze to control the flow, gently pour the silica around the flower, building it up gradually. Gently pour into the petals. Cover with more Silica Crystals, until the whole flower is covered.
  5. Seal container tightly. If you're not sure if the seal is air-tight, wrap it with duct tape. Do not remove lid for 8-10 days.
  6. After 8-10 days, carefully pour out the silica from around the bloom. Gently remove remaining crystals with a paintbrush. Dried Roses when kept in an open vase will last for several years. In a closed glass box or frame, they could last indefinitely.

Silica Gel used for drying rose flowers can be purchased from garden centers or craft shops.

Warning: Keep Away From Children

Read and follow all instructions and cautions on the silica container!

Are you ready to get really creative with your Dried Roses?

dried rose bouquet

Are you Planning a Wedding?

Why not try your hand at creating your own Wedding Flowers!

For very little money, (Wedding flowers will cost Hundreds from the florist) you can learn how to make flower arrangements with flowers from your OWN garden!! Try your hand at making your own floral centerpieces!

You can save yourself tons of money by making gifts for others,for any occasion. (And your friends and family will be especially touched to receive something handmade by you!

You can really impress them by turning flowers from your own garden into beautiful centerpieces, wreaths, and many other floral arrangements!!

Be creative!!

Try Drying Roses, or learn how to preserve fresh flowers, and how to arrange flowers!

Dry the Roses From your Gift Bouquet

Is your pretty bouquet of roses looking a bit sad? Are the flowers drooping and wilting? Did you know that you can save these flower petals to use in potpourri or other crafts using rose petals?

If the roses are from a florist and not ones from your own garden, they still can make nice potpourri.

Just remember: You should NOT eat any petals from the florist bouquet!

To save petals from your bouquet:

  • Simply pull the flower from the stem, and detach the petals.
  • Spread the petals out on a flat surface
  • Let dry in a dry place
  • When the petals turn crisp, they are ready to add to your potpourri.

Some Good/Inexpensive Books to get you started on Drying Roses and Flowers

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