Drying Flowers
How to Dry and Preserve Flowers

dried bunches of flowersBunches of Dried Flowers

Drying Flowers is easier than you might think!

Removing the moisture, preserves the color and beauty of your flowers. Once the flowers are dried, you will be able to use them in any of your craft projects.

There are several methods of drying flowers. When preserving flowers, any method will give you the same end result, so the method you choose is that of personal preference.

This information on how to air dry flowers, is for drying the old-fashioned way "Air Drying".

Below you will find the steps on "how to dry flowers", using this method. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will also find some very good books on the subject, with lots of pictures and ideas on what to do with them once you have them dry.  (I think you will especially like the prices on these books!)

Start preserving some flowers now to use in crafts for Christmas, gifts, and yourself.  You can gather flowers and herbs all season, but especially in the Fall, when an early frost will zap them anyway!

Lets get started learning 'How to Dry Flowers":

Air Drying Flowers by Hanging Method

Delphinium flowers are good for dryingBlue Delphiniums -Great for Drying

         How to Air Dry Flowers

  • The best time to cut your flowers for drying, is in the early morning or late evening.  Do not use ones that are wet from dew or rain.
  • When drying tall flowers such as Lupine, Delphinum, Foxglove, or Larkspar, the stems should be cut when there are still a few unopened flowers at the top of the spike. This will give you more useable petals from the stock.
  • Select "perfect" specimens. Chewed petals or imperfections in the petals will be enhanced after drying.
  • Strip all the leaves from the stem
  • Tie the stems with an elastic band, string, cord, etc., and hang on hooks or from a pole, no closer than 6" from the ceiling. Make sure to leave room in between the flowers to allow air to circulate.This room should be warm and dry. Drying the flowers in this manner can take anywhere from one week to many weeks.

I found this great Flower Drying Rack Kit icon for only $14.95!
foxglove flowersTry drying these Foxgloves!

When fully dried, spray the dried flowers with hair spray to help preserve their color and keep them from falling apart.

Make sure to spray VERY lightly!! The very first flowers I dried ( baby roses) were ruined when I sprayed them to much!!!

Baby's Breath, German Statice, or Lavender add delicate accents when mixed in an arrangement with your dried roses, or flowers.

If making a wreath out of your preserved flowers, you'll want a nice variety of different textures.

Note; Check out the book "A wreath for every season", and also "How to do wreaths" for some inspiration!

Many flowers that are good for drying, are annuals that can be started from seeds. If you don't have the space to grow them, scatter some seeds among the perennials in your garden.

Once you start preserving flowers, you'll soon be making beautiful crafts, and floral bouquets.

Have you ever seen dried Peonies? They are so beautiful, you'll have to look closely to determine if they are roses or Peonies!

Try drying some Peony flowers.

Fall is a great time for collecting those little pine cones that can be added to dried flower arrangements and Potpourri. Looking for

Christmas Potpourri Recipe?

If you keep a constant supply of dried flowers, you'll have an endless supply of gifts for family and friends. Not to mention, favors for showers and parties!

Learn how to make a beautiful Lighted Potpourri Jar It's very inexpensive to make, yet looks really elegant! It makes a great gift!

Looking for books with ideas about How to Dry Flowers, and things to Make With Them?

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