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Knockout Roses

Double Knockout roseDouble Pink Knockout

The Double Knockout rose is a rose in double bloom form, added to the other Knockouts that were currently available in single bloom form.

This double bloom form produces flowers with 18-24 petals.

The Knockout roses were introduced in the United States in 1999 by William Radler.

They are modern shrub roses that are very hardy, and very disease resistant (especially to Black spot disease). They are also bred to resist Downy Mildew; a bothersome rose fungus.

They were (and still are) popular for their continual bloom, low maintenance, disease resistance, attractive shrub-like habit, and hardiness factor.

They were all the rage when first introduced, and quickly became the best selling landscape rose for good reason.

William Radler originally introduced the Knockout rose, a darker pink color, along with the same rose in a lighter pink color.

The series followed with the Double Knockout rose, and double pink knockout.

Other colors such as the Rainbow Knockout, and Yellow Knockout have since been introduced.

double knockout rose bushesDouble Knockout around the patio

These roses are easy to grow in both cold and warm climates. They grow much larger in warmer climates and will require more pruning and trimming to keep them in check.

If you love the tea roses but don't live in the right climate to grow them; give the Double Knockout a try, they have the 'look' of tea roses, and are the next best thing!

These roses are hardy in zones 4-10.

They begin blooming in the Spring, and are the last of the roses to stop in late Fall. Mine usually bloom right up until snow fall!


The Knockouts naturally grow around 3' wide by 4' tall, but warmer climates will see bigger plants. You can easily keep them trimmed to your desired height.

~Plant in Full sun

~The best time for pruning (trimming) is in early Spring.

~Fertilize monthly like other roses

~Deadheading is not required, the bushes will continue to produce flowers.

~They are drought tolerant-but do better with regular watering.


A row of them will make a very attractive hedges. 

Because of their low growth, you can keep them trimmed low to become lovely ground cover roses.

Planted around a patio or pool, they make a statement.

Mix them in a border of other flowers, or stagger them in a perennial bed.

Add them to your garden of all roses!

I love all the Knockout roses, double or not; I give them 10 stars***


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