Double Delight Rose

Fragrant Hybrid Tea

double delight rose

The Double Delight Rose is one of the most fragrant roses. They are Hybrid Tea Roses, with very beautiful two-toned rose flowers.The creamy white blooms are edged with strawberry red, for a beautiful effect.

The long, pointed creamy white buds of the Double Delight rose open to double, well shaped 5-6 inch blooms. As the flower ages, the red edge extends further into the petal, until the rose almost appears to be red.

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Type Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybridizer Swim & Ellis 1977

Blooms Creamy white, blending to strawberry red. Flowers are 5-6', with 30-35 petals

Growth Habits medium height, growing upright, spreading, and bushy. The plant can grow 4-5 feet

Foliage foliage is large, and dark green,

Fragrance Intense, Spicy

Awards AARS 1977, World Federation of rose Societies Hall of Fame 1985, J.A. Gamble Fragrance Award 1968

Hardy Zone 5/6-10

More Information on the rose "Double Delight"

double delight hybrid tea rose

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  This Hybrid Tea rose has excellent all-season bloom, and is very free flowering, producing blooms from early Spring, well into the Fall.

It was introduced over 30 years ago, yet this rose is still very popular today.

The fragrance on the Double Delight Rose, is intense! It has a spicy, intoxicating scent, like expensive perfume. For Hybrid teas, they are one of the most fragrant roses. As you can see, this one has won several awards for its fragrance.

If you grow it, be sure to pick lots of bouquets to perfume your house!

This Hybrid tea is very disease resistant. The plant is a very vigorous grower, that blooms abundantly.

This one is a great bedding plant, that looks spectacular in the garden. As a cut flower, it’s hard to beat! It has wonderful form, color, fragrance, stem length, and a long vase life. Everything you could want in a rose!

I wonder if the name "Double Delight", comes from the fact that it has (double) colors, (red, and white), and is not only beautiful, but Fragrant as well!

Look here to see how to make your cut roses last longer.

This rose is very eye-catching in the garden. The rich double blooms are a creamy white edged with strawberry red, and a real stand out!

They blend well with red, white, yellow, or pink roses.

They are listed hardy in zones 5-10, but I caution those who live in the coldest zones, that Hybrid Teas can be tender, and you should protect them as much as possible.

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by Ashley Bogan
(South Carolina)

Double Delight in South Carolina

double delight in south carolina

This is a pic of one bloom that was on a Double Delight bush that I had a couple of years ago, and sadly succumbed to the first winter of an amature (sp?) rosarian. I love how this picture shows the great contrast between pink and cream color.

More Comments;

by; PD Laich,  Bristol, Pennsylvania (USA)

amazing double delight rose

This hybrid tea is one of our very favorites....quite a standout in the garden, with its bi colors. Each bloom will be a bit different, with more red on the petals as the blossom ages.
The double delight is extremely fragrant...even one in a vase will perfume a small room. Of all our roses, This is the most fragrant--a double winner for us--color AND perfume.
As an amateur photographer, this is the rose that I enjoy for dramatic and beautiful shots. I so recommend this rose!

beautiful double delight rose flower

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