Don Juan Rose

Climbing Red Rose

climbing red roseDon Juan Climber

Don Juan Rose, is a climbing red rose with velvety, ruffled, crimson flowers. It is one of the only fragrant red climbing rose bushes in the world.

The beautiful Don Juan rose is a large-flowered, red climber that is a vigorous grower. It can grow a height of 12-14 feet. The average height is 8-10 ft. (It often grows taller in warmer climates)The slightly stiff stems, make it a good pillar rose.

Climbers with pliable canes can be trained on a trellis, by weaving or tying canes, and training them horizontally to increase blooming. The climbers with stiffer type canes, are best trained upright to a pillar or trellis.

The blooms of this climbing rose are a deep velvety crimson red color. The double cupped blooms have an intense, rose fragrance. (not common in red roses)

Plant this rose close to a sitting area, or patio to enjoy the sweet smelling blooms. And be sure to cut some to bring inside the house!

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Facts about Don Juan Rose

Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Malandrone 1958

Blooms velvety crimson red, flowers are 4" across, with 30-35 petals

Growth Habits Vigorous, upright, tall, 12-14'

Foliage Large, dark green, glossy, leathery

Fragrance Intense, rose fragrance

Hardy Zone


More About the Climbing Rose Bushes of "Don Juan"

Don Juan RoseDon Juan

Clusters of dark red blooms cover the plant on this repeat bloomer all summer and Fall. The Hybrid Tea form flowers, have long cutting stems that make wonderful instant bouquets, simply by cutting a spray.

The deep red flowers are especially pretty against the lovely dark green, glossy foliage, that is resistant to the rose disease  Black Spot.

Glossy foliage is good on roses; the waxy coating not only looks good, but it also helps to prevent the plant from certain rose diseases, such as fungus.

The repeat cycle of blooms is fast on this climber, giving you plenty of beautiful, fragrant blooms to enjoy on the bush or in the vase.

Warm night temperatures produce the best color.

The Don Juan rose is beautiful when grown on a fence. When planting it on a fence, or wall, this rose should be planted 6 feet apart for the best effect.

When you plant them on a white fence, the effect of this red rose is stunning. It is sure to stop traffic!

When planted along a split-rail fence, it is a show stopper! If you have room for a lovely red climber, consider this one, it doesn't disappoint! Note; The bush can suffer frost damage, during bad winters,but usually recovers fairly fast.

Pictures/Comments from Readers;

Don Juan on white fenceSent in by 'The Irishman' from Viera, Florida
row of rose bushesClose-up of the roses!
row of roses along fence"Picture Perfect" roses!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful roses with us! They look stunning on the white fence!

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