Disneyland Rose

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Disneyland Rose

The Disneyland rose produces magical, colorful clusters of Floribunda roses on shinny green foliage.

They grow abundantly in a very famous park!

You'll see these roses blooming throughout the Disneyland Theme park.

The vibrant colors on this rose is a mixture of pinks, yellows, copper, apricot and peach. Each one is like it's very own parade of color!

The bush puts out small clusters of pointed, ovoid buds that turn into a magical mix of colors that can light up the garden.

More on the Disneyland rose...

Type Floribunda rose

Hybridizer Bred by Dr. Kieth W. Zary & John Walden (United States) 2003

Blooms Orange and pink blend with 26-40 petals. Flowers are double bloom form

Foliage Medium size foliage is dark green and glossy

Growth Habits  Tall and upright around 2' by 2' Well branched

Fragrance None to mild

Hardy Zones zones 5-9

The 3" blooms appear in flushes from early summer, into late summer.

The rose 'Disneyland' is not only heat tolerant, but disease resistant as well. (Not resistant to Black spot!)

It is rather compact growing, and perfect for surrounding a focal point such as a bird bath or garden ornament.

This seems to be a hardy rose, surviving colder climates than some of the other Floribundas.

If you grow this rose, won't you share your comments and experiences in growing it? (Thanks in advance)

The colors will vary depending on the climate in which you live and garden. (Warmer climates could get a more vibrant colored rose)

This Floribunda rose is a great garden rose, and can be used for a cut flower, but the stems are a bit short, so unless you favor those tiny little vases, you'll have to cut the whole cluster.

You won't notice much of a scent on these roses, maybe none at all, or maybe just a hint of spice.

I've heard all good things about this rose. If you grow it, please use the link above to comment on it.


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