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This list of Disease Resistant Roses are roses that are bred to resist black spot, rust and powdery mildew. Roses with built in disease resistance will be easy to grow roses for your garden.

Choose and grow roses from this list of disease resistant roses and make your gardening experience a whole lot easier.

The fungal rose disease- black spot on roses causes a significant problem throughout all regions of the U.S. other than the Southwest. By choosing roses that are disease-resistant roses, your plants will have a better chance if you lack the time to spray them often.

Cool, humid, or rainy climates battle with fungal diseases such as Powdery Mildew. so plant roses that are resistant to it as well.

Help Keep the Roses Healthy

Give your rose plants what they need:

  • Rich soil, plenty of sunshine
  • Plenty of water
  • Fertilize as needed
  • Provide good air circulation around the plants
  • Keep broken branches and debris out of the garden.
  • Never water late in the evening.
  • Make sure the leaves will have plenty of time to dry before nightfall, to discourage fungus.

Types of Roses That Offer Good Disease Resistance

Roses from the Knockout series are one of the most disease resistant roses on the market today.

Find out more about the Knockout rose Another great disease-resistant rose, are those classified as Shrub Roses.

Most Alba, Damask, and Species roses (except those with yellow flowers) are quite disease resistant.

No rose is completely invincible, but by choosing ones with at least some resistance to disease,you can help to avoid these major issues in your rose garden.

Disease Resistant Roses

  • Altissimo --- Climber --- Red ---
  • Aquaris --- Grandiflora --- Pink Blend---
  • Ballerina--- Hybrid Musk --- Pink Blend---
  • Black Jade--- Miniature --- Dark Red ---
  • Blue Moon --- Hybrid Tea --- Mauve ---
  • Broadway --- Hybrid Tea --- Yellow Blend
  • Cherish --- Floribunda --- Medium Pink
  • Class Act --- Floribunda --- White
  • Color Magic--- Hybrid Tea --- Pink Blend
  • Debut --- Miniature --- Red Blend
  • Europeana --- Floribunda --- Dark Red
  • First Edition --- Floribunda --- Orange Blend
  • Folklore --- Hybrid Tea --- Orange Blend
  • Fragrant Cloud --- Hybrid Tea --- Orange-Red
  • French Lace --- Floribunda --- White
  • Graceland --- Hybrid Tea --- Medium Yellow
  • Handel --- Climber --- Red Blend
  • John F. Kennedy--- Hybrid Tea --- White
  • Love --- Grandiflora --- Red Blend
  • Magic Carrousel --- Miniature --- Red Blend
  • Mon Cheri --- Hybrid Tea --- Red Blend
  • New Year --- Grandiflora --- Orange Blend
  • Pauls Scarlet Climber---Climber--- Medium Red
  • Pink Peace --- Hybrid Tea --- Medium Pink/Blend
  • Puppy Love--- Miniature--- Orange Blend
  • Queen Elizabeth--- Grandiflora --- Medium Pink
  • Royal Sunset--- Climber --- Apricot Blend
  • Sheer Bliss --- Hybrid Tea--- Blush White
  • Sheer Elegance--- Hybrid Tea--- Pink Blend
  • Showbiz--- Floribunda--- Medium Red
  • Sun Flare--- Floribunda--- Medium Yellow
  • Sunsprite --- Floribunda--- Deep Yellow
  • The Fairy --- Polyantha --- Light Pink
  • Tournament of Roses--- Grandiflora --- Medium Pink
  • Tropicana --- Hybrid Tea --- Orange-Red
  • Winsome --- Miniature --- Mauve Blend
  • Yellow Blaze--- Climber--- Medium Yellow

This is a short list, with new varieties being introduced constantly. Be sure to check the label on the rose to make sure that it is indeed one of the disease resistant roses.

For more information of growing healthy roses, check out my:

Spray Guide for Roses

disease resistant rose pink knockout pink knockout

This rose Potted Pink Knock Out Rose Bush - Disease Resistant! is one of the most disease-resistant ones you will find.

It is a very hardy, easy to grow rose that does well just about everywhere! It is a constant bloomer that really puts on a show all season.

disease resistant roses paprika easy paprika rose

Another great rose to grow is OSO EASY Paprika Rose - VERY HARDY /DISEASE RESISTANT a lovely tangerine color!

This rose has an amazing color that blends well with other yellow, or orange roses. They are very hardy, disease resistant roses that are deer resistant as well.

More great roses at reasonable prices!

More Easy to Grow Roses

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