Different Types of Roses

Characteristics of Rose Types

different types of roses

Because there are so many different types of roses, separating them into classes, makes identifying the characteristics of these rose types easier.

The different types consist of roses such as Hybrid Tea Type roses, Old Garden Rose Types, and Shrub/Landscape Type roses.

Keep reading to discover if a certain one meets the needs of your garden.

Different types of these flowers (or)Rose types are divided into classes. The classes are based on certain characteristics such as:

  • The growing habits of the rose
  • The size of the flowers
  • the plant size
  • The style of the flower

Below is a list of the Different Types. When thinking about roses to add to your garden, you may find this list helpful in understanding the classifications.

~~Rose Type~~

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Hybrid Tea

~Advantages of this Type~

These kinds of roses (Hybrid roses)produce perfect bud and bloom

Reliably repeat bloomers

Most popular type of rose

Available in almost all rose colors

Many are very fragrant

Great cutting Rose

More Hybrid Tea Rose

 ~Characteristics of this Type~

The continual bloom is dependent on deadheading

They are not winter hardy in zones 5 and colder

Lower leaves can be sparse

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~ Advantages of this Type ~

Non-stop blooming

Low growing and bushy

Floriferous with trusses of blooms

Very easy to grow

Extra hardy

Grows well even in wet climates

Floribunda Roses

 ~ Characteristics of this Type ~

Blooms are smaller than the Hybrid Tea

The winter hardiness will vary with the variety

some are highly likely to get black spot

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Shrub Rose

~ Advantages of this Type ~

Those used for rose shrubs are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes,and are also called hedge roses.

Very cold hardy

Disease Resistant

Often with old-fashioned blooms

Many landscaping options

Shrub Roses

 ~ Characteristics of this Type~

Blooms are not "perfect bud" form

Some do not make good cutting roses

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Heirloom Rose

~Advantages of this Type~

Versatile landscape roses

These types of roses suit almost all hardiness zones

They offer a unique connection to the past

Heirloom Roses (Antique Roses)

 ~ Characteristics of this Type~

Some are only once-blooming

Some are prone to mildew

Some will spread problematically through the suckers

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Grandiflora Roses

~ Advantages of this Type~

The Grandiflora rose produces the largest roses

many are fragrant

Reliably repeat bloomers

They bloom in clusters

They have large flower-heads

Grandiflora Rose Types

 ~ Characteristics of this Type ~

They Need lots of space

They can get very tall

They need winter protection in colder zones

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Understanding the Advantages (or) Disadvantages of Different Types of Roses

Climbing Roses

~ Advantages  of this Type~

They add some vertical color to the garden

available in all flower forms and colors

They help to disguise unattractive spaces

Climbing Rose bushes

~Characteristics of this Type~

They need some kind of support

Some are not winter hardy

Some bloom only once

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Miniature Rose Types

 ~ Advantages of this Type ~

They have non-stop bloom

They are own root roses, making them good cold climate roses, because they are generally very hardy

Good for small spaces/gardens

good for containers/pots

Miniature Rose bushes

 ~ Characteristics of this Type ~

Have little fragrance

Tiny blooms on most varieties

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