Different Types of Flowers

For Season Long Color

By planting different types of flowers in your garden, you can have non-stop color all season. Different types of flowers, add contrast, height, and many colors, not available in roses.

Careful planning, and knowing the bloom time of these perennial flowers, will make your garden a riot of color!

It's up to you to choose- bold and bright, or soft and pastel.

All the different types of flowers on this page, are ones that I photographed from my garden, so I know they are all hardy plants flowers to at least zone 5.

Purple Cone Flower

purple cone flower

(Echinacea) flowers are among the 10 most popular perennials in America. They bloom from mid-summer until frost. The daisy-like flowers have orange-brown raised centers.

They are favored by butterflies, and make nice cut flowers.

The conical seed heads provide food for the birds as well as winter interest in the garden.

They are very easy to grow in any well-drained soil. They resist heat, drought, insects and disease.

You will find these different types of flowers available in many colors and varieties.



The tall hybrid Delphiniums are the outstanding element of every garden.

The tall, lovely flower spikes are charming, come in beautiful shades of colors including the highly sought after Blue.

Their colors are stunning and they bloom for a long time. They produce secondary spikes in late summer and fall. Delphiniums require full sun and soil that is rich, and amended with lime.

Delphiniums are MY favorites! They add beauty, with height. And that 'Blue' color,... stunning!

purple delphinium

Want a deeper color? How about this dark Purple Delphinium.

These Pacific Hybrids get over 4' tall. You should stake them, because strong winds will topple them over, and break the stalks of these different types of flowers.

Blooming in June, Delphiniums come in a nice assortment of colors, that blend well with most rose flowers. Take a look at this perennial flower, when choosing different types of flowers for your garden. There are many shades to choose from, including blues, purples, whites, and mauves. All perfect companion flowers for roses.


pink foxgloves

Towering clusters of flowers! Foxgloves (Digitalis)have strong stems that support tubular florets with spotted throats in a mix of colors.

Clumps grow 24-30 inches across, and can have a flower height of 4 ft. (mine have grown much larger, in rich soil)

They reseed readily, giving you baby plants to plant where you want. These different types of flowers are not invasive, as the baby plants are easy to remove if you don't want them, or easy to move to a different spot.

Clove Pinks

clove pinks

In the Dianthus family, these low- growing little beauties form a thick mat with silver-green foliage. The scent is wonderful!

I have them in the garden, and also a big clump by the side door, so that when they are in bloom, I can smell them each time I leave or enter the house.

They make a nice border plant for edging.

When adding different types of flowers to your garden, put together colors that compliment each other.

Oriental Lilies

oriental lily

Oriental Lilies are among the most beautiful of all lilies. They are different types of flowers that have unique coloring, make them wonderful cut flowers, and add excitement to arrangements.

I like what they add to my garden! They bloom mid-late summer, with a profusion of blooms. They like full to partial sun.


Old-fashioned charm of Garden Pinks are lovely in any garden. The deeply fringed, double flowers -- lavender pink with a dark eye -- perch above mounds of gray-green foliage.

It blooms the most in spring, but continues on and off until fall if you remember to deadhead them.

 Dianthus are wonderful planted in front of roses, or at the base of climbers.

Lavendar Angustifolia Munstead


Lavender Munstead is excellent as an edging plant for a border or path.

Many gardeners grow Lavender for its fragrance, but the genus includes several excellent garden plants that should be more widely used for their midsummer beauty and resistance to heat and drought.

The cool, gray-green foliage provides a perfect backdrop for the slender, arching flower stems. Some varieties are small, others tall, but they all prefer well-drained, sweet soil and full sun. Plant them in masses or form them into small hedges, and you'll find that they are attractive and useful long after the spent flowers have been clipped off.

There are many varieties of lavendar, find one that will grow in your climate, and add some different types of flowers to your garden.

Purple colored plants look spectacular planted beside yellow, or pink roses.



This simple flower has fringed tips that look like they've been cut with pinking shears.

A genus of Daisy-like plants, Coreopsis is excellent for the border. Most are native to the southeastern United States and Mexico. They are not the least fussy about soil but require full sun.

Cut stems back after the first flush of flowers fade to promote a repeat bloom.

Summer Pastel Yarrows

pink yarrow

Yarrow are heat loving and hardy. They provide some vivid color late in the season.

They can grow 2-3 feet.

The delicate looking flower heads sit on top of lacy green foliage. This one is another favorite butterfly plant!

More Pretty Yarrow

red yarrow
Baby's Breath - Festival StarGäóBaby's Breath - Festival StarGäó
Gypsophila "Festival Star",provides continuous cut flowers all summer long! You'll get clouds of small white flowers that float above densely branched plants from May through October! This is a hardy baby's breath that looks great in the landscape or in combination with annuals in baskets, mixed containers, or window boxes. A great match for roses picked for the vase! The ice-white blooms provide a brilliant backdrop for other wildflower varieties. Does not transplant well. Plant in light, dry soil and provide a treatment of lime. Mulch for winter protection. Cut the flowers for arrangements when half the blooms are open to extend vase life. You can also place Baby's Breath upright or hang upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.

Purple Pansies

purple pansies

(Hybrid Viola) or Pansies add some early color to the garden. They flower freely all season (better if deadheaded)

When grown organically, these purple pansies are edible!

They re-seed readily, and once you plant them, you'll find them popping up just about everywhere!

Bleeding Heart Plant

bleeding heart

These dainty little "hearts' will add color to the garden early, in graceful sprays.

The dainty gray-green foliage is pretty itself, but when combined with those pretty pink flowers, they add much to the garden.

See how easy it is to grow a Bleeding Heart Plant.

There is an Almost Endless list of perennial flowers that you could blend in and around your roses. There are many different types of flowers, and different kinds of flowers. Research them, then order some, to add color and variety to your garden.

Planting flower bulbs can extend the bloom time of your growing season, and add different types of flowers to the garden.

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And some other ways to deter the deer to help keep them out of your garden....

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