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Dick Clark roseDick Clark

The Dick Clark rose is a fragrant Grandiflora that produces cream colored blooms that are swirled with cherry pink edges. 

This rose is a real standout in the garden, and will have you picking lots of blooms all season.

The flowers are always changing, so no two look exactly alike.

Although technically classified as a 'Red Blend', the flower color might best be described as having swirls of cream, with cherry pink edges.A true multi-colored flower.

The blooms on the Dick Clark rose begin with long, dark red (almost black), pointed buds.

As the flowers age, they turn first to burgundy, then a darker, deep red color.

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Type  Grandiflora (Red Blend)

Hybridizer(s)  Christian Bedard and Tom Carruth (United States) 2009

Blooms   Cream with cherry pink swirls and edging. Flowers have 30 petals The roses are 4-5" across. Flowers are classic Hybrid Tea form

Foliage  Large size, dark green, glossy leaves (very disease resistant)

Fragrance  Spicy scent (Cinnamon)

Growth Habits Grows upright, tall, bushy about 5-5 1/2' high by 3-4' wide It is vigorous growing (once it takes off)

Awards  AARS  2011

Hardy zones  zones 5-10


Fourth of July   X Unknown

The beautiful Dick Clark rose is very disease resistant. It especially resists black spot and mildew.

The flowers are born mostly singly, and come on long cutting stems. With the unique color and amazing scent, they should be fantastic flowers in a vase!

This vigorous growing rose is a prolific bloomer that blooms in flushes all season.

Not only are the flowers stunning in the vase, but a full blooming bush is a real stand out in the garden. Garden visitors will be drawn to it.

Note; My research on this rose leads me to believe that it is slow to get going......especially if you start with a small band. (as I did) I planted 2 of them this spring, (own root) and they have not done very much as yet........but they are healthy looking and alive, so I'll wait until next year to fully evaluate them. I've heard they take a year or two to take off, and that the initial blooms begin off color and small. But I know what they can become......so I can wait!

I'll post pictures of their progress to keep you updated!

If you live in a warm climate, this rose bush (Dick Clark rose) will keep you busy trimming it to keep the size manageable, but not to worry, you'll be doing it as you snip the beautiful blooms! Warm climates can expect it to grow to around 7 feet tall.

Reader Comments'

by Leslie (Victoria, B. C.)

This grandiflora with large flowers, grows 4-5 feet tall with a
moderate cinnamon spice scent

Picture at top of page provided by Leslie (Thanks Leslie, much appreciated)

If you grow this beautiful rose, won't you share your comments/and or a picture? Come on, don't be shy...show off your beautiful rose!


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