Designs for Garden Flower Beds

Flower Bed Ideas

These designs for garden flower beds,include roses and other flower bed ideas.

Unless you intend to have a bed consisting of roses only, you will want to combine other flowers such as perennials, or annual plants. The selection of designs for garden flower beds is quite limitless. It is easy to find companion plants with the same needs as your roses;sun-and well drained soil.

These companion plants will promote a more natural, relaxed look to your garden.

Formal Garden

formal garden edging design

Traditionally, formal rose gardening, consisted of the rose beds being outlined with sheared, neat boxwood or santolina, and the beds would contain high maintenance Hybrid Tea roses.

Very pretty to look at but...

This type of garden bed requires a lot of care, and work, keeping up with all the trimming of the hedges.

As beautiful as they are, only consider this type of design if you have LOTS of time to devote to your garden!

For a more practical and easier choice;

Try these flower bed ideas to easily get a similar look with much less effort, by choosing gardening roses that are disease free, and edging that require less maintenance.

                    ~  Good Edging choices might be: ~

~Silver Mound

~Dusty Miller


~Hosta (sun tolerant type)

~Low ornamental grasses

Cottage Garden Design

Use these flower bed ideas to create designs for garden flower beds in a Cottage Garden Design you would make irregular, free-form beds that contain both roses and flowers. This is a less structured look that gives you more freedom to choose companion flowers

cottage garden flowers

The Cottage garden flowers will reseed to give you more flowers each year. Try to use many different colors. Choose flowers and foliage with different textures, and heights to add ever-changing interest to the garden. Don't forget the grasses, both tall and smaller varieties. They add interest all season, even in the winter.

These gardens make great cutting gardens, supplying you with endless bouquets all season!

Designs for Garden Flower Beds..Ideas...

Plant in Drifts

For a dramatic mass of color, plant several roses of the same variety together. Landscape roses are excellent choices to achieve this. If you plant them a bit closer than recommended, you will create a lovely drift of color.

Planting the annual or perennial companion flowers in clumps of three, offer a stunning effect. Picture several pink roses,with clumps of silver Dusty Miller in front of them, and some blue or purple delphinium planted directly behind them.

Use color combinations that appeal to you.

Colorful Height

 Fill your vertical space with color. plant climbing roses on a fence or pillar. By planting a few of the same cultivar,they will bloom simultaneously, for a stunning effect.

Intertwine some clematis with them. Use colors that will stand out for best effect.

Use your imagination! Any trellis, or free standing object (lamp post, etc.) in the garden can become a support for any climbing plant.

Keep the Color Coming

colorful flower border

A well planned garden has an ever-changing display of color, and flower form. These flowers should complement your roses. So plan to have something in bloom throughout the season. Plants that grow from bulbs are very useful for adding additional needed color. Spring bulbs bloom when the roses are just starting to leaf out, and summer bulbs bloom when the roses are at their peak, making them great for adding color.

Always try to plant in groups or clumps of the same plant. And never plant in single rows! Tulips can be breath-taking when you have many planted together in clumps, but the same amount planted in a long row would not be very impressive.

Try this Easy Garden Planning Software for help in designing you garden bed.

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