Design for a Small Garden

Design a Rose Garden

design for a small garden

This rose garden plan, (or) design for a small garden, make use of roses that bloom all summer, with carefree abandon.

This design for a small garden contains roses that are all hardy in a large range of planting zones. The roses in this small garden design,can be substituted for roses of other colors or varieties, that might be more to your liking.

You could add or omit plants that aren't suitable to your zone.

Just remember to keep the tall ones in the back, and provide support for any climbers.

sketch of garden

~Plant List~

A. Lady's Mantle (alchemilla mollis) Zones 4-8

B. Zephirine Droughin (Climbing Rose) Zones 4-10

C. Knock out Rose (Double Red Knock out)Zones 4-10

D. Easy Does it (Shrub Rose) Zones 4-11

E. Paul Neyron(Thornless) Zones 5-9

F. Arbovite Shrub (or any tall green Shrub)

G. Holly Hock ( Malva Alcea) Zones 4-8

H. Blue Delphinium

Wondering where to Purchase these Roses?

You'll find them at the links below, at a Great price!

Climbing Zephirine Droughin Thornless Rose

Knock Out Rose Double Pink

Easy Does It Rose
zephrine drouhin rose
knockout roses

More about;

Zephrine Droughin Climbing Rose

Knock out Roses

I like to draw out the garden on paper like this before I design my garden, so I have a better idea of what I want.

When you design a rose garden, you need a reference guide, that tells you as much information about the rose as you need. (another reason to send for those free Rose Nursery catalogs

You can substitute any of these roses with others of the same size.

Remember it's Your decide!

The size of your planting area will be important when planning your small garden design.

You could easily substitute Miniature roses as the border for this garden.

Perennial or annual plants make nice Companion plants to add for more colors.

It is important to choose gardening roses that match your garden.

  • First, choose ones that are hardy to your planting zone
  •  Next find ones in the size you need
  • And ones in the right colors

~Constant bloomers are great, but others are just So.. beautiful, that it's worth having them (even for that One good show)

  • If you want fragrance, this is another consideration.

If you want to try your hand at making a design for a small garden yourself

Click here to go to the Design a garden plan site

This is a FREE garden planner. It is very easy to use, give it a try!

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