Debutante Rambler Rose

Wichurana Rambling Rose

The Debutante Rambler Rose, is a lovely old once blooming Wichurana rambler. It bears small pink flowers in profuse clusters.

The clear pink flowers fade to creamy pink and have a hint of lilac in hot weather.

The profuse blooming bush produces cascades of pretty pink flowers in loose clusters of anywhere from 5-10 flowers.

The fully double, cupped flowers open to become rosettes.As they mature, the flower petals turn back causing the flower to form an irregular ball of re-flexed petals.

Type  Wichurana Rambler

Hybridizer M. H. Walsh (U.S.) 1902

Blooms  Pink, born in profusion. Flowers are small, 1 1/2" rosette shaped

Once Blooming

Foliage  Dark green, glossy

Growth Habits    Vigorous, upright growing to 15'

Fragrance  Light, musky

Hardy Zone zones 4-9

More about Debutante Rambler Rose

This once blooming rose produces flowers mid-season, on a vigorous, slender plant. The flexible canes are easy to train, which can result in a very desirable climbing rose. This rose plant can reach heights of 16 1/2' by 9 1/2'.

In full bloom, this rose is a sight to behold.  The short pink roses come in cascading clusters on long canes. The color fades quickly in the sun.

It is a relative of the famous 'Dorothy Perkins', only a stronger growing rose, as it is not subject to Mildew as is Dorothy. Some think it is even more beautiful! It's to bad that this rose is not planted more since many rosarians think it to be the superior one!

It has a delicate fragrance, and neat dark green glossy foliage. The flower sprays are beautifully set with pale green bracts.

There is a famous painting of this rose 'Debutante' in England at Mottisfort Abbey. In the painting it grows on a circular trellis alternating with 'Bleu Magenta'.

Do You grow this rose?

Please share your comments and/or especially pictures of this rose with us, so everyone can get a look at it!  Submit here, and Thanks so much!

I would especially love to hear from anyone growing this rose, since I personally grow "Super Dorothy" and find it a very desirable rose!


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