David Austin Roses
Romantic English Roses

David Austin roses, created in 1970,are the creation of a man who started his own nursery, in order to introduce his new Austin rose breed of English roses.

 Austin roses have  the look of  old garden roses, with the recurrent blooming ability, vigorous growth,disease resistance, and wonderful color selection of modern roses. These garden roses combine the best features of both types.

david austin roses

These English roses  exhibit a shrubby growth habit with dense foliage and fragrant blooms, very similar to the beloved Old Garden Roses.
 Austin is very committed to producing these roses, and continues his work today.

They are grown, and planted in rose gardens world wide.

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If you've always dreamed of having a romantic English rose garden, these magnificent, David Austin roses, will give you the garden of your dreams.

They are available in a large range of colors, sizes, and fragrances, thus making them adaptable to most landscape situations.

I must confess, that David Austin himself, is partly responsible for  MY beautiful rose garden! I had many gardens, and although I LOVED roses, I had only a handful of rose plants.
I thought (like many of you) that roses were to fussy and to difficult to grow. Then, I came across a catalog (Heirloom Roses)
with so... many pictures of breathtaking  old garden roses (lots of  Austin David roses )I spent the day looking at that catalog!
 My mind was made up. I would have a rose garden!

Watch the video below for a tour of David Austin Roses in his own beautiful gardens!

Lots of ideas to (borrow) here!

David Austin Roses
with growing information

L.D. Braithwaite

l d braithwaite rose

Wonderfully fragrant, fully double old-rose blooms.

Beautiful, rich crimson red color, on an outstanding bushy plant growing 4 ft. high and wide.

These roses Austin, are very disease resistant.

Such a pretty rosebush!

considered by some to be the best red English rose. more about L.D. Braithwaite.....

Glamis Castle

glamis castle rose

These pure white, fully cupped, David Austin roses have many petaled blooms of old rose character.

If you like fragrant roses;

You'll get a strong myrrh fragrance on a profuse blooming compact bush.

It grows 4ft. high and wide

Disease resistant, and compact. This rose is great for a smaller garden.

Hardy zones 5-10

Learn more about Glamis Castle....

Darcey Bussell

darcey bussell rose

Rich crimson color shows hints of mauve, as the blooms age.

The flowers grow upright, and in clusters. As pretty as they are, the do Not make great cut flowers, as they do not hold up well once cut.

It is a bushy, and compact grower, that is great for the front of your rose bed, or in a mixed planting of flowers.

These David Austin roses are hardy zones 5-9

more about Darcey Bussell...

Graham Thomas

graham thomas rose

This rose bush, bears flushes of double, clear yellow, fragrant blooms throughout the season on 4ft (taller in mild climates) shrubs.

What a fantastic color on this rose! If you are looking for a yellow rose for your garden, take a look at this one.

They make a superb climbing Rose. From British rosarian David Austin, the English Roses combine the flower forms and fragrance of old Roses with the repeat-blooming character of modern Roses.

They are excellent cut flowers.

More on the Graham Thomas Rose

Mary Rose

mary rose

One of the most outstanding of the David Austin Roses. Wonderful, pink, old-style blooms are a lovely shade.

Bush is strong growing, upright, and very well branched.

Fruity, myrrh fragrance.

A bushy plant that grows well. zones 5-10

Should be in every garden of those who like English roses! One of my favorites, she happily grows in my garden.

More about Mary Rose..


molineux rose

Many petaled, golden yellow blooms that open wide to show the deep colored center. Peach/apricot colors blend to make a very pretty rose.

one of the more compact of the David Austin Roses, growing 4ft x 3 ft wide.

This bushy plant is very useful for smaller gardens.

Fruity fragrance

hardy zones 5-10

learn more about Molineux

Gertrude Jekyll

gertrude jekyll rose

This is one of the first, and more popular of the David Austin roses.

Flowers are fully double blooms of rich, bright pink, that pale to a lighter shade of pink on the edges.

A very vigorous rose, growing 6- tall x 4ft. wide.

Very disease resistant

A strong, old rose perfume fragrance

hardy zones 5-10

Learn more about Gertrude Jekyll English rose...

Abraham Darby

abraham darby rose

One of the most admired of all of the David Austin Roses.

This robust English shrub rose, bears sumptuous cup-shaped blossoms of peachy apricot with hints of yellow and pink.

It is prized for its bold, fruity fragrance and quick repeat of blooms. Abraham Darby rose, is an outstanding performer either as a freestanding bush or a small climber.

Hardy zones 5-10

(This is another one that grows well for me in my zone 5 garden.)

More about Abraham Darby rose

Sharaifa Asma

sharafia asma rose

This English rose is a medium, upright, bushy plant

It grows 3-4 ft.

The foliage is medium, dark green, semi-glossy, with many prickles

The sweet colored blooms are pale pink fading to pinkish white, and have a loose, rosette form.

The fragrance is intense!

  Learn more about Sharifa Asma


tamora rose

Simply beautiful color on these David Austin roses.

Thorny, upright, 3-4'tall, 2-3'wide rose bush.

The blooms have a strong myrrh fragrance.

As you can see from this picture,it produces armloads of blooms!

It is one of the most disease resistant of the Austin roses

The Dark Lady

the dark lady rose

Dark red, crimson blooms that age to dark purple.

A vigorous, upright, bushy plant that grows to 3ft.

Medium, dark green, semi glossy foliage with some prickles.

Intense fragrance

Extra- hardy was named after the dark Lady of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Winchester Cathedral

winchester cathedral rose

The slightly arching bush grows 3-4 feet.

The very prolific white flowers have a strong fragrance. (especially in warmer climates)

These are so pretty when viewed in a night garden!

Notice the lovely boxwood edging.

hardy zones 5-9

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More David Austin Roses

Listed below are English roses by David Austin, for you to reference. If you grow any of these roses, please share a picture with us!

Do You grow this rose?

Please share your comments and/or especially pictures of this rose with us, so everyone can get a look at it!  Submit here, and Thanks so much!

David Austin Roses listed Alphabetically

Below you will find David Austin roses listed alphabetically, with a bit of information on each one. Some of them have links to pages with more information.

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Abraham Darby Apricot/yellow very large cup shaped. One of the most popular of the David Austin roses! Vigorous and hardy. 5' x5'.

Alba Maxima Creamy white, very fragrant. Grows 6 x5'. Once Blooming

Alnwick Castle Rich pink, deeply cupped flowers with old rose fragrance- 4'x 2 1/2' continual bloom zone 5-10

Ambridge Rose Apricot pink rosettes. Loves hot climates! 3' x 2'

Anne Boleyn Rosette shaped pink flowers on a short, arching bush.  3ft. by 3ft.

A Shropshire Lad These David Austin roses are Peachy pink, with fragrant blooms. The bush grows 5' x 4', can be grown as a climber.


Barbara Austin Light pink with very double, fragrant blooms. Grows 31/2 x 2 12'.

Belle Story Delicate pink semi-double flowers with yellow stamens. Medium, musky scent. 4 ft. by 4ft.

Benjamin Britten Salmon pink deeply cupped. 4' x 3' or 8-10 as a climber.

Bishops Castle Rich rose Pink, shallow cupped, very double. Rounded bushy growth. Fragrant (old rose scent) 3 1/2' x 2 1/2'

Boscobel Salmon/ pink color with a strong fragrance. Grows 3 by 2 1/2' Learn more about it...

Brother Cadfael  A pink shrub rose, with large cupped flowers that have a strong fragrance. learn more about it here..

Buttercup  Rich,deep yellow, semi-double. Healthy garden shrub rose with a strong fragrance, 5 ft. by 3 ft.


Camaieux White with crimson stripes. Fragrant. Grows 4' x 3' Once Blooming.

Carding Mill Blend of pink, apricot and yellow. Nodding flowers with a strong fragrance. 4' x 3 1/2'

Charity  Soft apricot yellow, shallow cupped, strong myrrh fragrance. 6'x 3 1/2'. zone 5-10

Charles Darwin Rich yellow, very full.Bush, healthy and hardy shrub. 4' x 3'

Charles Rennie Mackintosh A lilac pink cupped rose with fragrant old rose flowers. zones 5-9

Charlotte A soft yellow that is one of the most beautiful of all the yellow David Austin roses. It is also one of the hardiest.learn more about it

Chianti Deep crimson, fragrant flowers. Once-blooming 6' x 5'

Christopher Marlowe Orange/red flowers are rosette shaped, paling to orange/pink. Extremely hardy and fragrant. 4 1/2 by 3 ft.

Claire Austin Creamy white, typical English roses have a strong fragrance. Can grow as a climber. Grows 4 1/2 x 4, or to 8' as a climber.

Claire Rose Blush pink, old rose blooms Great for cut flowers. 4'x 3'. repeat bloom zone 5-10

Comte De Champagne Open cup form flowers are yellow with deep yellow stamens. Honey musk fragrance. repeat-flowering. 4 ft. by 3 1/2 ft.

Constance Spry Learn more about Constance Spry....One of the most loved of all the David Austin Roses. This climber grows to 12 feet. The lovely pink, double blooms are very large. Once flowering. Hardy zones 6-9

Corvedale Deep rose pink, fragrant flowers. Grows 5' x 4'.

Cottage Rose Warm pink blooms are shallowly cupped. Old rose fragrance. grows 4 ft. by 3 ft.

Crocus Rose A creamy apricot colored Shrub rose that is very vigorous, and quite beautiful!Learn more about it here.....

Crown Princess Margareta Apricot, quite large rosettes. 5 x 4 1/2' or 9-11 as a climber. Learn more...


Darcy Bussell  Red color beautiful rosette form. Short, busy growth. 3' x 2'.


Eglantyne Softest pink, deeply cupped fully double, upright bush 4'x 3/12' zone 5-10

Empress Josephine Loosely double, large, rose pink with deep pink veins. Strong fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'. Once Blooming.

England's Rose Glowing pink flowers have a button eye. Bushy shrub rose with a strong Old Rose fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'.

English Garden Soft yellow, perfect rosettes. Fragrant. Grows 3 x 2 1/2'.

Evelyn Apricot yellow, perfect shallow cups 5'x3' fragrant  disease resistant  zone 5-10


Fair Bianca Pure white. Short, upright grower with a strong old rose scent. Great for the front of the border. Grows 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 ft.

Fantin Latour Blush pink, perfectly formed, fragrant blooms. Grows 6' x 5' Once-blooming.

Falstaff Crimson/purple  strong growing/bushy zone 5/6-10

Felicite Parmentier  Pink, fading to cream at the edges. Grows 4' x 4' Once blooming David Austin Roses

Fighting Temeraire Very large flowers are rich apricot, with yellow centers, behind the golden stamens. Produces mass of flowers on a rounded shrub. Strong, lemon scent. Grows 5 x 4'., or to 8' as a climber.

Fisherman's Friend Rich, deep velvety red,fully double very fragrant  zone 4/5-10

Francine Austin Small, glistening white pom pom looking flowers, in large sprays. Old rose/musk fragrance. Grows 3' by 4'.


Gentle Hermoine Pure pink with soft blush edges. Slightly arching bush. 4' x 3'

Geoff Hamilton Soft pink cupped flowers  hardy and reliable! zone 5-10

Gertrude Jekyll bright pink, fully double vigorous grower, old rose fragrance zone5-10

Glamis Castle Pure White- strong fragrance 4' x 4' great for small gardens zone 5-10

Golden Celebration  These David Austin roses are Deeply cupped golden yellow. very disease resistant 5' x 4' zone 5-10

Grace These are very beautiful apricot colored roses that are favorites with florists!

Graham Thomas Yellow, double flower form, vigorous, 6-7' x 4' tea scent zone 5-10


Happy Child Rich, deep yellow, cupped double blooms strong fragrance 3'x3' very disease resistant zone 5-10

Harlow Carr Rose pink, perfectly shaped blooms. Strong Old rose fragrance. Very Winter hardy! 4' x 3'

Healthcliff Deep crimson, fully double, deep rosette shaped. Unusual, pleasing fragrance  grows 3 1/2 x 3'.

Heather Austin Deep pink, cup shaped flowers. Strong fragrance. Grows 4' x 3 1/2'.

Heavenly Rosalind Pink with a white eye, single flowers. Fragrant. Grows 5' x 4'.

Heritage Soft pink, classic shaped, vigorous with few thorns. 4-5' x 4' fragrant  zone 5-10

Huntington Deep pink, old rose character, with old rose fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'.

Hyde Hall Rosette shaped, medium pink color. Very tough, reliable, healthy, large rose bush. Light fruity fragrance. These David Austin roses Grow 6 ft. by 5 ft.


Ispahan Clear pink, free flowering with a wonderful fragrance! Grows 5' x 4'.


James Galway Warm pink flowers pale to blush at the edges. Very healthy/hardy. Makes a great climber. Grows 5 x 3 1/2, or to 10' as a climber.

Janet Pink blend rosettes. Arching, shrub rose, can be trained as a climber. Grows 4-8'.Pure tea scent.

Jayne Austin Deep pink flowers. One of the most prolific of the English roses! 4'x 4'. very disease resistant zone 5-10

John Claire Deep pink blooms, around 20 cupped petals. Light fragrance. 3 ft. by 2 1/2 ft.

Jubilee Celebration Rich pink, English roses with a lemony fragrance. Vigorous grower with lots of flowers. Grows 4' x 4'.

Jude the Obscure Rich soft apricot, large cupped blooms 4' x 4' fragrant zone 5-10


Kathern Morley Large, cupped, soft pink flowers with a light tea fragrance. Grows 4 1/2 by 3 1/2  (or) 8-10' as a climber

Kew Gardens Small, single flowers bloom almost continually.Flowers are soft apricot to pure white, with a hint of yellow behind the gold stamens. Grows 5' x 3'.


Lady Emma Hamilton Tangerine orange inside petals, and yellow orange on the outside of the petals. Strong, fruity fragrance Grows 4'x3'.

Lady of Shalott Chalice shaped blooms are salmon pink with a golden yellow reverse. Tea fragrance. Highly resistant. Great David Austin roses for a beginner! Grows 4' x 3 1/2'.

Lady Salisbury Pure pink flowers with an informal rosette shape. Light fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'.

La Ville De Bruxelles Large size, rich pink flowers are very fragrant. Grows 5' x 4'. Once Blooming.

Leander Apricot rosettes. Grows up to 8'.

Lichfield Angel Deep cups form cupped rosettes of creamy apricot then creamy white. Light clove scent. Grows 4' x 3'

Lillian Austin Salmon pink, shaded orange and apricot has wavy petals on a mounded, arching shrub. 3'x 4' clove fragrance  zone 5-10

L.D. Braithwaite Rich crimson red fully double fragrant. 4' x 4'.very disease resistant. zone 5-10


Maid Marion Clear rose pink color. Flowers are perfect rosette shaped with a soft myrrh fragrance. Grows 3'x 3'.

Malvern Hills Large clusters of small double yellow blooms. Perfect climber, grows 10-12'.

Mary Magdalene Soft apricot pink,button eye, spreading growth habit very disease resistant clove fragrance  zone 5-10

Mary Rose Medium pink, double, very hardy, strong grower fragrant zone 5-10

Mayor of Casterbridge  Soft pink, Old rose scent. Grows 5-8'. Free flowering.

Miss Alice Soft pink,rounded flowers with an Old rose fragrance. Short, compact bush. Excellent container rose. Grows 3' by 2'.

Molineux Golden yellow. A bushy plant 4' x 3 1/2'  fruity fragrance zone 5-10

Mortimer Sackler Semi-double pink blooms have a darker center. Almost thorn-less bush grows 5' by 3' (or) 10-12' as a climber. Old rose scent.

Munstead Wood Deep, velvety crimson color. Strong, Old rose fragrance. Grows 3' x 2 1/2'.


Noble Antony Deep Magenta Crimson colored flowers are perfectly formed. Dome shaped. Rich Old rose scent. Grows 3' by 2 1/2'.


Olivia Rose Austin Soft pink  cupped rosettes  are fragrant. Grows 3 1/2 x 3'   See picture and learn more...

Othello Massive, cupped shaped flowers are dusky crimson. Tall and vigorous with lots of thorns. Very hardy. Strong Old rose fragrance. Grows 5' by 4'.


Pat Austin Copper inside with pale copper/yellow outside petals. deeply cupped. 4-5' x 4'. zone 5-10

Pegasus Rich apricot yellow fading to cream at the edges. Arching growth habit  very disease resistant tea rose fragrance 5' x 4' zone 5-10

Perdita Delicate, apricot blush color. Strong, bushy grower, 3 1/2 by 2 1/2'. Strong, myrrh fragrance,

Portmeirion Deep pink, shallow cupped, free flowering with a strong fragrance. 3-4' x 3'. zone 5-10

Port Sunlight  Rich Apricot, quartered rosettes. Strong tea fragrance. Very disease resistance. 5' by 3' (or) to 8' as a Climber

Pretty Jessica Rich pink, shallow cupped, closely packed with petals. Great for container or small garden. Very dependable and fragrant old rose fragrance zone 5-10

Princess Anne Deep pink, fragrant rose is compact, and free-flowering. Fragrant and disease resistant!

Princess Alexander of Kent Glowing pink, full pettalled, deeply cupped. Tea fragrance changes to lemon. Grows 3 1/2' x 2 1/2'.

Prospero Rosette shaped, perfect, deep crimson flowers darken to rich purple with age. Short growth, this rose does best in warmer climates.  Rich old rose fragrance.


Queen Anne Pure rose pink, repeat flowering. Upright and bushy. Nice fragrance on these David Austin roses. Grows 3 1/2' x 3'.

Queen of Sweden Pure, soft pink, wide, shallow cups. Medium to light myrrh fragrance.  Grows 4' x 2 1/2'.


Radio Times Formal rosettes of rich pink with a strong, heady perfume. Arching growth 3-4' x 3' very disease resistant zone 5-10

Redoute Free-flowering, soft pink rose. Nice Old rose fragrance with a hint of honey and almond. Grows 4' by 4'.

Rose-Marie White cup shaped on an almost thorn-less stem. (sport of Heritage) fragrant 4' x 4' zone 5-10

Royal Jubilee Large flowers are chalice shaped and deep pink. A pleasing fruity fragrance. Nearly thorn-less. Repeat-flowering. Grows 5' x 3'.

Rushing Stream Pure white, single flowers are fragrant. Grows 1 1/2' x 4'.


Scarborough Fair Pure soft pink with golden stamens. Old rose musky fragrance. Cupped shape. 2 1/2' by 2'.

Scepter'd Isle Soft pink, cupped flowers. Flowers freely. Strong myrrh scent. Grows 4' x 3'.

Sharifa Asma Blush pink, double blooms of a perfect rosette.Short upright bush 4' x 3 1/2'. fragrant zone 5-10

Sir John Betjeman Full pettalled rosettes are bright, deep pink. Healthy, bushy rose grows 3 1/2 x 2 1/2'.

Sister Elizabeth Rose pink flowers are rosettes with a button eye, growing on a bush that forms a small mound. Sweet-spicy scent. Grows 2 1/2 by 2 1/2'.

Skylark Semi-double, cupped deep pink paling to lilac pink with a white center. Light tea fragrance. Grows 3' x 2 1/2'.

Snow Goose Small, glistening white double flowers in huge sprays. Sweet musky fragrance. Rambler has almost thorn-less canes. Grows 8-10'.

Sophys Rose lovely crimson red roses

Spirit of Freedom Cupped flowers are a soft, glowing pink. Fruity fragrance. Grows 5 x 4 (or) 8-10 as a climber.

St. Alban Fully double, soft yellow. Arching bush grows up to 8'.

St Cecilia Creamy pink cup shaped blooms  very fragrant 4 1/2 by 3 1/2. (Not as disease resistant as some)zone 5-10

St. Swithun Rose georgeous, huge pink roses delicate soft pink Tall, slender growth habit 4-5' x 4'. zone 5-10

Strawberry Hill The medium-sized, double, pure rose-pink blossoms of Strawberry Hill have a fine myrrh fragrance, with hints of lemon, that won it the 2007 Prix d'Honneur for fragrance. Tall, gently arching branches make this David Austin shrub Rose a perfect choice for back-of-the-border locations.

Susan Williams-Ellis Pure white, typical English roses. Prolific bloomer, Extremely cold hardy. Old rose fragrance Grows 4' x 3'.

Sweet Juliet Glowing apricot colored blooms are medium sized rosettes. Bushy, upright, fragrant. 4' by 3'.

Symphony Rich yellow age to soft yellow perfect rosette form. Compact, bushy plant fragrant zone 5-10


Tam O Shantor A loosely formed cerise colored rose with long arching canes that can grow up to 6'. learn more about Tam O Shanter..

Tamora Apricot, fully double, cupped blooms. 3' x 2 1/2' fragrant zone 5-10

Tea Clipper Climber- Apricot, quartered roses with a strong fragrance. Almost thorn-less. Short climber 6-8'.

Teasing Georgia- Deep yellow centers fade to pale yellow edges.very fragrant 4-5' x 4-5'zone 5-10

Tess of the d'Urbervilles Bright crimson, large fragrant flowers. 4'x 4' fragrant zone 5-10

The Albrighton Rambler Cup shaped, soft pink. Blooms come in sprays that gracefully hang on the bush. Grows 10-12'. Light, musk fragrance.

The Alnwick Rose Rich pink, full pettalled, shallow cups, Blooms freely. Very hardy. Old rose fragrance Grows 4' x 2 1/2'.

The Alexander rose Dainty, single wild rose looking flowers are coppery-pink with a yellow center.Extremely hardy and disease resistant. 5' x 5'. zone 5-10

The Countryman Clear rose pink rosettes have paler petal edges. Strong, old rose scent.  3'x 3'.

The Dark Lady Dark crimson loosely formed flowers. Light, old rose fragrance. Grows 4' x 3 1/2'.

The Endeavor Rosette shaped, salmon pink with a soft yellow reverse. Spicy fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'.

The Generous Gardener Soft glowing pink.Strong arching growth. 5-6' x 4' fruitty fragrance zone 5-10

The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild Peony like deep pink, arching, mounding bush with a strong, fruity fragrance. 5' x 3 1/2'. zone 5-10

The Lady's Blush Semi-double, pure soft pink, with a creamy white eye, and gold stamens. Rounded, bushy rose. Grows 4' x 3'

The Lady Gardener Semi-double, fragrant apricot colored blooms.

The Lady of the Lake  semi-double soft pink rambler grows to 15'.

The Lark Ascending Apricot colored, cupped flowers pale with age. Light fragrance. grows 5' x 3'.

The Mayflower  Deep rose pink Old rose flowers- complete resistant to black spot, powdery mildew and rust. strong fragrance 4' x 3' zone 6-10

The Pilgrim Pure Yellow, large blooms with a strong fragrance. 5' x 3 1/2' very disease resistant. zone 5-10

The Prince Velvety rich, royal purple with old rose perfume 3' x 2 1/2' old rose fragrance zone 5-10

The Poets Wife  Beautiful, deep yellow flowers are unfading. Strong scent Grows 4' x 3 1/2' See picture and learn more..

The Shepherdess  Open cup shaped, pale apricot. Upright, bushy, fruity fragrance. Grows 3' by 2'.

The Wedgwood Rose Soft rose pink full of old rose charm! Vigorous growth on this bush, is best as a climber (10'), or 5x5' shrub rose. Delicate clove scent. More about The Wedgwood rose...

Thomas a Becket Carmine red, informal rosettes. Old rose fragrance. Grows 4' x 3' wide.  

Tradescant Perfect rosette blooms are crimson color. Old rose fragrance Likes warmer climates. Grows 4 by 4' (or) to 8' as a climber.

Tranquillity  Rosette shaped, pure white flowers have a light apple fragrance. Vigorous, and very healthy. Almost thorn-less. grows 4' x 3'. More about it...

Trevor Griffiths Warm pink centers with paler pink edges. Three inch flowers have an irregular mass of petals reminiscent of old Damask roses. Strong, sweet scent. The bush grows to around 5' high. Hardy to zone 5

Tuscany Superb Rich, dark purple with golden stamens. Fragrant. Almost thorn-less. Grows 4' x 3'. Once-blooming.

U  V  W 

Young Lycidas English rose    Deep magenta, cupped. Fragrant 4' x 3'

Wenlock Large, crimson blooms. Very fragrant. Grows 4' x 3'. or 8' as a climber.

Wife of Bath Pale pink, very fragrant. Grows 3' x 2'.

Wildeve Soft pink, touched with apricot. perfect rosette shape. Very winter hardy. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2.

Winchester Cathedral White version of Mary rose! 4' by 4' very winter hardy with a strong fragrance.

Windermere  Cream color, full, cupped flowers. Neat, compact bush grows 4' x 3' Fruity fragrance.

Windrush Soft Yellow semi-double fragrant blooms. Grows to a large shrub. Learn more....

William Lobb Dark crimson that fades to purple and mauve. Strong fragrance. Grows 6' x 6' or 8-10 as a climber. Once- blooming.

William Shakespeare Double Rosette blooms are deep crimson, aging to rich royal purple. Grows 4-5 feet. Continuous bloomer. Heady, old rose fragrance. Hardy zone 5-10

Wisley 2008  Soft pink, shallow cupped. Fruity fragrance 5' x 3 1/2'

Wise Portia  Beautiful, fragrant Mauve and magenta blooms.

Wollerton Old Hall Chalice shaped soft apricot that pales to cream. Upright bush with few thorns. These David Austin roses are The most fragrant of all English roses! Grows 5' x 3'

Confused about which one to plant where?

Take a look here for help selecting Austin roses for specific spots.

Books on David Austin Roses

These are wonderful books, loaded with information on these beautiful roses! Great reference guide, filled with pictures.

English roses are very much like that of the Old Garden roses. The flowers can be cup-shaped, or rosette shaped, often with numerous small petals. Some roses have petals that turn downward, and are more of a domed flower. You will find endless variations of these shapes.

David Austin roses are used in mixed borders, for rose borders, rose beds, as climbers, tree roses, for cut flowers, planted in urns and planters, and as hedging.

Pictures and Comments from Visitors

kathys rose garden

by Kathy Peck
(Lincolnshire UK)

I have quite a few David Austin roses and have a large bed outside my kitchen window, the smell in summer is amazing, I bought these roses in memory of my mother who really loved her roses.

What a lovely remembrance Kathy! They are most beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful they smell. You must keep that window open a lot when they are in bloom!

Reader Comments:

A Fitting Tribute
by: Sue

It must be hard to stay in the house, with all those roses blooming out there. You must have your mums green thumb. Very nice.

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