David Austin Climbing Roses

English Roses as Climbers

david austin climbing roses

Many of the David Austin Climbing Roses can be grown in full sun or partial shade.  They can all be grown as shrub roses by pruning as such, but allowing the canes to grow long, produces the most magnificent climbers that you can imagine!

The canes on these roses are very flexible, and easy to fan out on a trellis,wall, post or wall. They also have a great ability to produce flowers that start at the very bottom of the bush, and continue to the tip of the cane.

Keep in mind that the actual height will vary according to your climate and conditions, and how much you prune them. (They generally will grow taller in the warmer climates)

List of David Austin Climbing Roses

Abraham Darby

abraham darby rose


Vigorous to 8'

Pillar or wall

A Shropshire Lad

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Few thorns

Arch, pillar, wall, trellis   to 10'

Benjamin Britten

Salmon Pink

Intense fragrance

Grows 8-10'

Brother Cadfael

Rich Pink very large blooms

Old Rose scent

grows to8'

Claire Austin

Creamy White, large blooms

Strong Myrrh scent

Wall, trellis, pillar

Constance Spry

Rose-pink peony shaped blooms


grows 12-15'

Crown Princess Margareta

crown princess margereta rose 200

Apricot/orange rosettes

Strong fragrance

Small walls, arches, pillars  grows 9-11'


Soft Pink, saucer shaped

Delicate fragrance

grows 6-8'


Apricot colored, giant size blooms

fruity fragrance

almost thorn-less

Best in Warm climate

grows to 6'


Dark Crimson with rich purple tones, cupped

Strong Old Rose scent Best on wall or pillar. Grows to 6'

Fighting Temeraire

Rich Apricot w/yellow eye, gold stamens Large flowers in clusters

grows to 8'

Gertrude Jekyll

gertrude jekyll rose

Glowing Pink, large rosettes

Very strong fragrance

Highly recommended zones 4-8

Golden Celebration

Golden Yellow

Strong, fruity scent

Grows 8-10'

Graham Thomas

graham thomas rose

Rich yellow, cup shaped

Strong Tea scent

Grows 10-12'


Soft, Pink paling to white at edges

Nice fragrance

Almost thorn-less

Grows to 7'

James Galway

james galway rose

Warm pink, very full rosettes

Almost thorn-less

Med. Old rose scent

Grows to 10'

One of the Best!

Jude the Obscure

jude the obscure rose

Deeply cupped, soft yellow

Strong fragrance

Good for warm areas

grows 8-10'

Lady of Shalott

lady of shallot rose

Salmon/yellow chalice shaped

Tea fragrance

Grows to 8'

Malvern Hills

Small yellow blooms in large clusters

Pergola, small arbor, trellis, wall

Grows 10-12'

Mortimer Sackler

Soft Pink

Almost thorn-less

Fruity Old rose scent

Walls, arches, pillars, trellis

 Grows 10-12'

Snow Goose

Small, double, white flowers in huge sprays

Sweet, musky scent

Almost thorn-less

Grows 8-10'

Spirit of Freedom

Soft pink, very full nodding heads

Strong fruity scent

Grows 8-10


St. Swithun

Saucer shaped soft pink

Myrrh fragrance

good disease resistance

grows to 8'

Strawberry Hill

Rose pink, cupped rosettes

Myrrh fragrance

grows 6-8'

Teasing Georgia

Pure Yellow rosettes

Strong tea scent

Vigorous, healthy

Grows 8-10'

Tess of the d'Urbervilles

tess of the dUrbevilles rose

Bright Crimson

Old rose fragrance

Grows 6-8'

The Generous Gardener

Soft pink

Vigorous, very healthy

Best in warm climates

Grows 10-12'

The Pilgrim

Soft Yellow rosettes

Tea/myrrh fragrance

very healthy

 grows 8-10'

The Wedgwood

Large, soft pink blooms

Grapefruit/clove scent

Vigorous  to 10'

Wollerton Old Hall

Soft Apricot

One of the most fragrant

Almost thorn-less

grows to 8'

These David Austin Climbing roses are all beautiful, and unique, each in their own way. Any of them would be a joy to have in the garden!


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