Damask Roses

Old Garden Roses

The Damask roses are an ancient class of roses believed to have been brought from the Middle East to Europe by Crusaders.

These Old Garden roses are called 'Damask', because they were said to have originated in Damascus.

These beautiful old roses are once blooming except for a small sub group, the Autumn Damasks that sparingly repeat in the fall.

Damask Rose

The rose flowers are semi-double or double with velvety petals (up to 60). They grow in long clusters.

They are exceptionally fragrant. These are the roses grown in Bulgaria that produce the legendary attar of roses.

The 'Damask' roses bloom in soft colors of white and shades of pinks from the palest pink to a rose red color.

The blooms are surrounded by downy grey foliage. They produce large, round red hips after flowering.

For the most part, these Old Garden roses are disease resistant and hardy. They produce canes that are quite thorny, and stems that are pale green and rather weak, making for an arching bush that can reach up to 8'. Most will grow to be a sprawling bush between 3-5'.

The Damask roses are once blooming, usually around June, except for the varieties derived from them that have a second flowering in the fall.

List of Damask Roses..

Autumn Damask  ''Quatre Saisons' Loosely double with large, sometimes crumpled petals. Silky pink, highly scented.  Grows 4' x 3'  Re-blooms

zones 4b-9b

Belle Amour Crinkled, salmon pink petals with rich yellow stamens.

Grows 5' x 3; Mild to strong fragrance

zones 3-9b

Blush Damask Rich pink paling to soft pink at edges.

Strong Fragrance, Grows 3-7'

Hardy zones 4b -9b

Botzaris Flattish, Fully double, creamy white flowers often quartered when opened

Strong fragrance, grows 3-5'

zones 4b-9b

Celsiana Semi-double clear pink, nodding flowers have yellow anthers. They fade to a light pink in hot sun.

Strong scent, Grows 3-6'

Hardy zones 4b-9b

Coralie Soft pink flowers arevery double, and open flat. They tend to fold backward when fully open. Fades to bluish white in hot sun. Strong Fragrance.

Grows 4' x 3'

Zones 4-9

Gloire de Guilan Very double, flat when open clear pink quartered flowers. Very fragrant. Grows 6' x 4'

Hardy zones 4b-9b

Hebes Lip Single, white tinted red at petal edges. Grows 4' x 4'.

Strong fragrance

Grows 4'x4'

Hardy zones6-9

Ispahan Double, light pink blooms have a strong fragrance. Grows 4-8'

Hardy zones 4-9

Kazanlik Warm pink petals are very soft. The flowers open to a somewhat shaggy looking semi-double bloom. Very fragrant! Vigorously grows 5' x 4'. This is an ancient rose originating in the rose fields of Bulgaria as one of the cultivars used in making the 'attar of roses' It makes great potpourri!

zones 4-9

La Ville de Bruxelles  Large and full, pure pink with lighted edges. Has quartered and incurving petals. Strong scent  Vigorous, upright growing 5' x 3'.

Zones 4-9

Leda 'Painted Damask' Double, blush pink to white flowers have crimson markings on the petal margins. Tidy, compact growing 3' x 3'.Strong fragrance Occasional repeat

Zones 4-9

Leon Lecomte Double flowers are bright pink fading to softer shades. Grows vigorous, tall, upright 5' x4' Strong fragrance

zones 4-9

Marie Louise Double flowers are glowing pink, full, and flat when fully open. Strong fragrance. Compact, bushy growing shrub 4'x3'

zones 4-9

Mme Hardy Pure white, fully double flowers are quite large. Center petals fold inward exposing a green eye. Strong scent. Strong, vigorous grower grows 5' x5' (Outstanding old rose)

Zone 4b-9b

Mme Zoetmans Double, soft pink, quartered paling to bluish white, with a prominent green eye. Tidy, compact growing 4' x 3'. Strong fragrance

zones 4-9

Omar Khayyam Light pink, small double, quartered flowers. Strong fragrance. Grows 2-4'

zones 4b-9b

Pink Leda Bright, clear pink. Identical to Leda. Strong fragrance.

zones 4b-9b.

St Nicholas  Deep pink, semi-double to single blooms with rich golden anthers. Vicious thorns! Grows 3'x3' Only mild fragrance.

Zones 4b -9b

York and Landcaster Flowers are semi-double, scented.  Blush pink and white flowers are inconsistent. Sometimes mottled, sometimes having two colors on different flowers on the same head.

Grows 5' x 4'.Shade tolerant

zones 3b and warmer

As you can see, the Damask roses are a hardy bunch, and well worth growing in your garden!


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