Cutting Roses

How to Cut Roses and Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

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Do you like cutting roses for a vase? Do you know how to cut your roses? Improper cutting of the roses will injure your rose bush.

When Cutting The Roses:

Use only sharp tools.

Sterilize your cutting tool in some water with a small amount of bleach, every time you cut from a different bush, so you don't transfer any diseases from one bush to another.

If you want your rose bush to grow to it's full potential, it would be best not to be cutting the roses from it the first year. Give it time to establish itself and grow.... Don't worry there will be plenty of roses to cut in the future!

When you do cut flowers.. Follow these tips for 'how to cut roses'

Cut stems only as long as necessary. For advice on Cutting Roses to stimulate the plant to produce more flowers. The best time to cut roses is either early morning or late afternoon. (The experts disagree on these times, so you decide).

It is best if the bush is well watered, and not dried out at all.

Cutting Roses and Making them Last

Before heading out to the garden to cut some roses: Know how to cut flowers that will last longer;

Bring along either a bucket (or) a large pitcher (depending on the number of blooms you intend to cut.) The bucket/pitcher should be filled with luke warm water. To get the most life from your roses, cut buds that are just about to open.

Do you know how to preserve cut flowers?

Place them immediately in the warm water, and with the stem still under water, snip off a bit more from it. Leave the cut roses in the pail of water for at least 30 minutes, to keep air from getting to the blossom.

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After the 30 minutes time, remove the thorns (to keep from pricking your fingers), and remove all leaves that will be below the water line. Leaves add nothing to the value of the bouquet, and in fact, as they decay, they will pollute the water. Place the roses in a CLEAN sterilized Vase. Make certain the vase is clean, don't just rinse it out, if need be, clean it with some bleach water.

Keep reading for the best ideas to make cutting roses, and making arrangements a snap!

First fill the vase with a floral preservative.

Make your own Floral Preservative

To 1 gallon of water,

add 2 tablespoons vinegar,

and 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Another Floral Preservative to Keep Flowers Fresh

Mix equal amounts of lemon-lime soft drink (soda)

with water (not diet) Or.., you could buy some floral preservative mix at the store.

For best results, the water should be replaced daily, adding your floral preservative each time.

Other Ways to Preserve Your Roses

Try Drying Roses and see how easy it is to preserve your beautiful blooms.

Potpourri Recipes for a delightful assembly of blossoms and spices to perfume your house.

Tips For Arranging Roses In a Vase

Besides just putting the roses in a vase, try doing what the florists and others do with flowers in water:

After cutting roses;

Arrange them to give the roses a more controlled look.

Floral Foam

This green (foam) is like a firm sponge. Saturate it by soaking in water until thoroughly wet: then cut it to the size you need to fit in the container you will use.

After preparing the rose by properly cutting it (see above)insert as much of the stem as possible into the foam, this will keep the rose standing upright where you want it and also well hydrated.

Floral Wire

Floral wire is like Chicken wire. (actually you could use that if you have it)

It can be crumpled and shaped to fit in the rim of your container.

After preparing the stems (see above) you insert them through the wire to keep them in place where you want them. You can then fill in your arrangement with more roses, other flowers, or foliage to your liking.


Frogs are another way to keep the blooms in place. They come in many different designs.

A popular one is a needle type. (looks like the top half of a pincushion).

After first preparing the roses (see above) You would place it in the bottom of your container, and insert the roses onto the needles.

Or simply use this Flower Web for Making Perfect Bouquets icon
Cut roses in a flower web

The sweet fragrance of roses, and the sheer beauty of the elegant blooms are unsurpassed by any other flower.

Create beautiful bouquets with colors that harmonize and blend into each other.

Complete the bouquet by adding greenery, such as: Ferns, Iris leaves, Hosta, artemisia, Holly, and even Pine.

Other flowers from the garden can be added to suit your taste, as well as the ever-popular Babys Breath.

Enjoy your flowers inside as well as out in the garden by cutting roses, and bringing them inside!

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