Cuthbert Grant Rose

Hardy Rose from the Explorer Series

The Cuthbert Grant rose is one of the best and most distinctive of the Explorer series roses. It was bred to withstand the cold winters of Canada at the Department of agriculture by Henry Marshall.

This rose bush owes its hardiness to having very hardy parents. One being the native artic rose R arkansana.

These roses are a very  beautiful deep reddish purple color.  The beautiful color comes form it's famous Hybrid Tea parent "Crimson Glory".

The semi double, large, cupped blooms emerge from oval shaped buds. The clusters of blooms arch out from the center of the cluster, nodding their heads. They grow on vigorous stems that are thick and stiff.

The dark colored flowers on the Cuthbert Grant rose are set off nicely by the pale green glossy leaves.

The cup shaped flowers are borne in clusters of 3-9 on long, slender pedicels.

 Cuthbert Grant Rose information

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Henry H. Marshal (Canada) 1958

Blooms Purple/ red, cupped , semi-double blooms are around 3" across, with 15-20 petals

Foliage Pale, glaucous leaves are glossy

Fragrance Moderate to strong fragrance

Growth Habits Vigorous growing, upright and bushy  It grows 5 ft. tall by 4 ft. wide.

Hardy zones hardy zones 3/4-9

The bush in full bloom is a beautiful site! The Cuthbert Grant is one of the first roses to bloom, and then takes a long rest before producing another splendid flowering in the fall. The second flowering seems to produce flowers that are more purple colored and less crimson.

This rose is very resistant to many of the rose diseases that bother other roses. The most resistant are; blackspot, powdery mildew, and rust.

Although bred for colder climates, it will do well in climates as far as zone 9, where it could reach a height of up to 8 ft.

This is a very healthy growing, hardy rose, with not only beautiful colored flowers that come in instant bouquets, but the bush is pretty even without the flowers, as it is covered in lush foliage.

This one is a personal favorite of mine, and one I will be on the lookout for to plant in my own zone 5 garden. I wish I had a picture to show you what it looks like!

If you grow this rose won't you please share a picture of it along with any comments about it? Thanks.... Send HERE


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