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The Crocus rose is another David Austin English Musk rose that has soft apricot colored flowers that pale to cream at the edges. It produces a very beautiful apricot/ blend flower that is large (5”)across, with many petals.

The rosette shaped flowers on the Crocus rose are cupped at first, then the petals reflex. It is a striking rose with approximately 110 petals.

The blooms on these rose bushes are produced very freely, and come in large clusters. The elegant blooms appear on slightly arching stems.

In the right climate, it will become a large, arching rose bush. This free-flowering bush, is a very pretty rose in the garden.

Type English Musk Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 2000(Britain)

Growth Habits this rose bush is a very robust grower. It grows 4’ by 3’.

Blooms Apricot/cream colored blooms, are rosette shaped with around 110 petals Flowers are 5” across

Foliage Medium green, medium size leaves are semi-glossy. Foliage is disease resistant

Fragrance Light Tea rose fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5-10

More about the Crocus Rose

The huge buds become lightly cupped, large rosettes of soft apricot that fade to cream quickly with age.

As with most of the Austin rose bushes, these lovely English roses are great used for a hedge, or in a border. Or just plant them in the garden, in the rose bed, or mix them in a garden with other flowers!The plants are very healthy, and they are pretty hardy as well.

This is a color that blends well with other flowers or roses, making it easy to find (just the right spot) to plant them. They are very robust growing, and will help to keep the garden colorful.

The lovely colored roses, with their light, sweet, tea rose scent, make nice cut flowers for the vase, and mix well with other flowers. Mix in some Babies Breath and some colorful blue flowers for a stunning bouquet!

Do you know how to make your cut roses last longer?

These Musk roses perform exceptionally well all season, producing flowers well in both hot and cold climate zones. (If you live in a hot climate zone, you can expect this rose to grow much larger) and it will need to be trimmed to keep it in shape and to encourage repeat blooming

This is a very healthy and very hardy rose..

It was named for The Crocus Trust

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