Crimson Glory Rose

Red Hybrid Tea Roses

The Crimson Glory Rose, are red Hybrid tea roses with velvety red, very fragrant blooms.

The deep crimson double blooms measure 3-4" across, and have a very strong clove scent.

The exhibition form flowers begin as nearly black, shapely, spiraled buds that open to slightly cupped, crimson, semi-double to double blooms with velvety dark highlights on the petal tips.

 The flowers are born singly on necks that are slender and weak, causing the blooms to hang their heads. This is considered a plus in wet countries such as England, because the rain will run down the upturned petals, leaving the flowers undamaged.

Type Large Flowered Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Wilhelm Kordes (Germany) 1935

Blooms Crimson, Double, with darker markings on petal tips. Flowers are almost 4" across with about 30 petals

Foliage Leathery, dark green foliage and reddish brown wood

Growth Habit Grows 4' by 4', bushy, spreading habit, vigorous

Fragrance Very Strong, Sweet, Clove fragrance

Awards  James Alexander Gamble Award 1961, National Rose Society Gold Medal 1936

Hardy zones  zones 5-9

More about Crimson Glory rose..

This rose bush grows best in warm climates where it will grow to around 6'. It might be best to plant it where it will get some afternoon shade. The blooms fade to a maroon/purple color, but the hot sun turns them to a rather ugly shade of purple.

The foliage begins a rich crimson, then ages to green.

Wear gloves when handling this rose, as the stems are very prickly!

Although it grows bushy and has a spreading habit, some suggest you plant two bushes about a foot apart from each other to produce a more fuller bush. This way you will be certain to get plenty of those enormous velvety red, fragrant blooms.

This rose begins blooming mid-season, and repeats well all season. Flowers left on the bush will become fat orange hips.

There is a climbing sport of this rose also available that is said to be more vigorous, and free blooming, but it does not repeat as well.

For a long time, the Crimson Glory Rose was considered the most reliable red Hybrid tea rose available. It was hailed as the finest red rose ever in 1935 when it was unveiled.

Because it has such beautiful and desirable red velvety flowers, it has been used extensively in the breeding of other fine roses, and claims parentage to many of the best recent roses.

Note; It can be prone to Mildew.

It makes a good bedding rose.

Parentage; 'Catherine Kordes'  Seedling x 'W.E Chaplin'


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