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Crimson BouquetCrimson Bouquet

The Crimson Bouquet rose produces an abundance of velvety red roses all season.

The clear, bright red blooms have no blush or darker markings, and hold their color for a long time.

This rosebush showcases large, velvet red blooms that appear both singly, and in small clusters on a medium size bush with great disease resistance.

It is a prolific bloomer all season long.

The size of the flowers, as well as the petal count varies with the climate in which the rose grows. It prefers cooler climates to produce the largest flowers.

Type  Floribunda/Grandiflora   See note about this

Hybridizer Wilhelm Kordes III (Germany) 1999

Blooms Dark Garnet red blooms with shiny dark red reverse. Blooms are 3 1/2" across with 30-35 petals High-centered bloom form

Foliage Large size, dark green glossy foliage

Growth Habit Upright growing, vigorous, 4-5'

Fragrance Slight to Medium, sweet fragrance

Awards  AARS 2000

Hardy Zones  zones 7-10

Crimson Bouquet was bred in Germany as a modern red Floribunda rose. In Germany it is seen as a beautiful, vivid red bedding rose.

It was introduced into the U.S. as a Grandiflora rose, but sources say it is to short to be classified as such.

So call it what you will.....

This vigorous growing rose bush has very healthy, disease resistant foliage, (like all varieties from the House of Kordes).

More about the Crimson Bouquet rose..

Deep, almost black buds open out to a pleasing and pretty, more flat shape with a mop of yellow stamens in the center.

The double form, high centered blooms are a brilliant, bold, deep red with darker reverses.

The beautiful rose flowers appear in long stemmed clusters of 5-11.

The foliage is red when young, but turns to a glossy dark green that compliments the blooms.

The upright growing Crimson Bouquet rose has large prickles (thorns).

It is a perpetual bloomer that produces flowers all season,and loves to be pampered, and fertilized. Be sure to keep it watered in hot, dry conditions.

It is a good bedding rose, and also does well in large containers.

Parentage; 'Bad Fussing' x Ingrid Bergman'

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