Country Dancer Rose

Hardy Shrub Roses

The Country Dancer Rose, bears beautiful flowers in a rich pink color. Flowers begin as a bright, rich pink with a hint of cherry at the center, and then slowly fade to rose pink with age. These hardy shrub roses have papery looking flowers that are quite beautiful.

The large, pink colored blossoms are produced abundantly all through the growing season. The pretty flowers grow in clusters, on a vigorous bush.

This is one hardy bush, the Country Dancer rose! It was bred to withstand the extremely cold winters of the American prairies.

It is one of the more compact ones of the Griffith Buck roses. This well known hybridizer produced some of the most hardy roses you will find.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Griffith Buck 1973

Blooms Blooms are Deep Pink to Rose Red color, Flowers are 2 1/2-3" across, with 17-25 petals

Growth Habits Grows Vigorous, Upright, and Bushy

Foliage Large size foliage is dark green, leathery, and glossy

Fragrance Only a moderate fragrance, Fruity

Hardy Zone zone 4-9

These shrub roses can grow 3-5' tall by 3' wide. It's compact growth habit make it a perfect choice for borders. They also make good cut flowers for the vase, with a slight fruity fragrance.

The papery looking flowers appear delicate, but they are actually quite hardy, even standing up well to bad weather. The bush sheds the petals cleanly, keeping it looking tidy. The double, rosy red flowers have a light apple fragrance.

Country Dancer is a rose that prefers cooler climates, where it becomes a vigorous growing, bushy shrub. Plant a row of them for a very nice effect.

If you want a great looking shrub rose, this one makes a cheery looking bush for the garden. The pink flowers are a nice contrast to the bright green foliage.

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