Container Gardening
With Roses

red roses in container

Container gardening with roses might be your answer to growing roses if you have limited space.

Or maybe you just like the look of roses in a pot, and prefer container gardening to gardening in the ground!

If you have room for a container, you can grow some beautiful container roses!

Typically roses grow best planted in the ground, but they actually do well planted in containers, as long as you chose ones suited for containers,they get a good start, and you give them what they need. Miniature roses are by far the best  garden rose for growing in pots,and you will find them in many different colors!

Container Gardening Roses

Elegant looking Pedestal urns, or any of the plastic pots for plants, are perfect for growing roses in containers! There are Many different types and colors of outdoor flower pots available for growing roses in.

The bigger, the container,the better, so be sure to use one of the large flower pots. Don't try to stuff your rose plant into a tiny pot, it will quickly dry out, and die.....Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the rose plant.

Those half whiskey barrels are very popular, and make great planters for roses.

Warmer climates have a longer survival rate for roses planted in containers.

Don't try to grow large garden, or climbing roses in containers. Miniatures, or medium size Shrub or Tea roses will do best.

Show case your container gardening where it will be enjoyed the most!

To best enjoy your rose flower, place the pots on a deck, or on a step by the door.

Tips For Growing Roses in Pots

The ideal size pot for your garden rose should be:

container gardening-roses
  • at least 12 inches wide for miniatures
  • at least 15 inches wide for floribunda and small hybrid teas
  • at least 18 inches wide for tree roses and larger hybrid teas.
  • Your container should be as deep as is is wide.
  • The bigger the container the BETTER!

2.) Think about how you will move the container

Simplify your Container Gardening! If you live in a climate where you'll be moving the pot to give your rose winter protection, you'll want to choose a pot that is light weight.(Better yet, place the pot on saucers with wheels, if you can)

3.) Give your rose some sun!

Be sure the rose will get at least 6 hrs of sunlight!

No Fertilizing for a few weeks!

Don't add fertilizer (other than bonemeal, when planting) for a few weeks.

After a few weeks,your plants will benefit from a weekly solution of liquid fertilizer. (mix according to package directions)

Container Gardening -How To Plant

1.) Put some gravel or pea stones at the bottom of the pot to promote good drainage and prevent the soil from sifting out.

2.) Use a Good quality potting mix, to partly fill the container. (don't use garden soil, its to heavy in the container, and won't retain enough moisture to be beneficial to the plant.) The best planting soil is the potting mix.

3.) Sprinkle a handful of Bonemeal in before planting your rose.

4.)Position the rose in the center of the pot, planting at the same dept that the rose was originally planted in, or position the bud union at the soil line. Fill in with additional soil, and tamp it down firmly.

5.) If desired, add some other plants to add color and variety. Low growing annuals work well, especially ones that will weep out of the pot like Lobelia or Allyssum.

6.) Give the container a good drink of water. Be sure to saturate the soil enough so that you see water running out of the drainage hole. Your success in container gardening depends on you keeping the pot well watered!

If your intended plants are to big for pots, transplant your Container rose plants into a Raised garden bed

Princess Anne rose in a container

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Growing Roses in Containers

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