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The Constance Spry Rose is a glorious shrub/Climber that bears the most beautiful rose-pink colored blooms that are the size of Peony flowers.

The Constance Spry rose was the first of the English roses, introduced by David Austin, and even though it is a once-bloomer, it is still quite popular today.

The flowers are double, much cupped, globular blooms of delicate, clear pink. They are borne on a very strong bush that does exceptionally well when trained as a climber. These David Austin English roses put on a spectacular show once a year!

You will marvel at the delicate pink, old-fashioned flowers as they cover your fence, or wall. The very large, 5” flowers, are versions of the globular cabbage roses that you would see on old chintz's and china, and 17th century Dutch flower paintings.

Type English Shrub/Climbing Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 1961 (United Kingdom)

Growth Habits A shrub rose bush that can grow 6-12’ tall, and 6-10 ‘wide. It is a vigorous, lanky grower with slender stems, and lots of prickles.

Blooms Rose pink, peony-sized blooms, are double and cupped with 26-40 petals

Foliage Broad, dark green leaves

Fragrance Strong, myrrh fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5-10

These very popular David Austin English roses were once featured on the cover of Horticulture magazine.

It commemorates Constance Spry (1886-1960) A great flower arranger, and ardent lover of old garden roses.

This rose was 'The' first hybrid produced by Austin, and the archetype of what became known as "English Roses".

Flowers are borne both singly, and in clusters, but typically in clusters of three.

Along with being very beautiful, they are also disease resistant. After its display of beautiful blooms, it produces hips in the fall.

These lovely English roses root easily from cuttings.

Because it flowers only once per year, pruning the Constance Spry rose should be done after it has finished flowering for the year. (If pruned in the Spring, you will prune off all the flowers for that year!)

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