Concrete Garden Bench

Cement benches will beautify your garden

concrete garden bench

A concrete garden bench makes a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the garden. Cement benches are long lasting as well as beautiful.

Every garden deserves a garden bench, and every gardener deserves the luxury of a beautiful place to sit, relax, and enjoy their efforts.

A bench made of concrete is built to last for a very long time. Some can be quite decorative, while others are very simple, but a concrete bench will last a lifetime.

Tucked in a quite part of the garden, or used as a focal point,a concrete garden bench would be welcome in any spot in the garden.

I enjoy mine, at the edge of my rose garden. I use it a lot for taking pictures in the garden. It makes a nice place to pose anyone I want to photograph.

Make your own Concrete Garden Bench

Watch these videos on how to make your own bench. The videos will guide you from start to finish. Each video is short and to the point.

If you're wondering where to buy the molds for making your bench

Click here to visit Moldcreations for a mold for your own concrete garden bench

they have a variety of molds for benches, and lots of other great stuff!

A great way to add a beautiful bench to your garden for a fraction of the cost of buying one. ( I think I might have a new job for hubby this Spring) I could use a few more benches scattered in my own gardens! I like the "decorating" part of them also, oh.. the possibilities....

Mixing the Concrete

Casting the Seat

Casting the Legs

Assemble the Bench

Finishing Options

A garden bench speaks "Serenity". When you, or a garden visitor eyes the bench, it invites them/or you to stay, spend some quiet time in the garden by relaxing. So don't forget to enjoy your garden with a few tranquil moments by simply doing nothing.

Enjoy the little creatures of the garden as well. Follow these tips to bring Hummingbirds to the garden. and don't forget the other winged beauties. Invite them to your garden with my butterfly garden plan that will help you choose the right flowers to attract them.

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