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compassion roseCompassion

The Compassion Rose is a climbing rose bush that bears cascades of salmon/pink, apricot shaded blooms. The bush grows to the size of a big shrub, and does equally well on a fence, pergola or wall. The rose 'Compassion'  produces fragrant blooms from Summer through Fall on an extremely healthy, vigorous growing bush.

The high quality pink roses are large, with such a sweet fragrance. They are wonderful planted near a patio, or poolside, where you can enjoy not only the constant blooms, but the great fragrance as well. (photo by)

Type Large Flowered Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Harkness (England) 1973

Blooms Large, fully double blooms are Salmon/ pink shaded with apricot. Blooms are 4" across with about 36 petals.

Growth Habits Vigorous grower. As a climber it will grow 8-10'. Used as a large shrub, 6-7'.

Foliage Large, dark green leathery foliage

Fragrance Sweet honey/peach fragrance

Awards Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1975, Genova Gold Medal 1975, Orleans Gold Medal 1079, Royal National Rose Society Fragrance Medal 1973, Anerkannte Deutsche Rose 1978, Royal Horticultral Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zone 5-9

More About Compassion Rose

As you can see by the numerous awards that this rose has won, it is 'one of the best' climbing roses available. The combination of those simply beautiful pink roses, a wonderful, sweet fragrance, and the versatility of such a healthy growing rose, make it a perfect specimen for the garden.

It is reasonably vigorous growing, and extremely healthy.It has a bushy, branching habit of growth.

Not only is it a great climber, but its bushy, branching habit makes it suitable to grow as a shrub rose.

The flowers may grow singly, or appear in clusters of three. Generally you will get clusters.

In England,this is the most popular climbing rose. You will find them rambling over fences, scrambling up walls, adorning entryways, and anywhere else, one might grow a rose.

rose flowerCompassion from my garden

The above picture of the rose 'Compassion', is from my own garden. I planted this bush early this spring, and already the bush is producing some amazingly beautiful (and large) flowers!

I can't wait to see what it looks like in a couple of years!

first year compassion rose bushBlooms on it a few months after planting!

Just look at all the new growth. It has an open flower on the bottom, and several more buds getting ready to open. I really love the wavy petals, and the soft colors of this rose!

I'm already very impressed with it!


Another beautiful bloom (mid September!) What a wonderful fragrance it has!

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