Companion Planting

Perennial Plants and Vines to Grow with Roses

Companion planting adds that finished look to your garden. It keeps color and texture alive in the garden all season. Once you learn which perennials and vines to plant along with the rose bushes, you'll have a nicer looking garden.

companion planting

If you blend your garden into your landscape with the right companion planting, you will be much happier with the over-all effect. The entire yard/garden, will be encompassed as one, instead of an isolated flower bed. You will therefore turn the entire landscape into a garden!

It is important to keep everything within scale, so that one thing does not over-power the other. Scroll down to find out how companion planting can help the overall look of your rose garden.

I've included some trees and shrubs for the 'Big Picture'.

Companion Planting With Perennials

Perennial flowering plants return each year to repeat their cycle of blooms. They are hardy flowering plants that usually make up the biggest part of our flower gardens.

Because the roses come into bloom in flushes, having other flowers blooming at different times keeps the garden colorful.

The colors of the perennial plants that you choose should depend on the color of the roses they are planted next to.

It is best to plant contrasting colors instead of the same color. For example; if you had a bush of yellow roses, it would not be a good choice to plant yellow perennial flowers beside them. A better choice would be purple, blue or pink flowers.

The same goes for vines. If the climbing roses are pink, plant purple clematis vines so that they get noticed.

Browse the list below to discover some possibilities.

Different Types of Flowers

Different Types of Roses 


Red Weigela Flowering Shrub

wegiela shrub

Shrubs form the lasting framework for your garden design. They are four-season companion flowers that add beauty all year.

Some are evergreen shrubs, adding dimension and dept to the garden, and others are flowering shrubs. These beautiful flowering plants, will add their own unique colorful flower show to the garden.

My rose garden has  two large pink Weigela shrubs and one that's a darker pink color. When they are in bloom (they bloom at different times) the garden really 'comes alive'.

The Forsythia Bush ads some bright yellow color very early in the season, and in colder climates (such as my zone 5) are an indicator for pruning) Be sure to give them lots of room, they can grow large.

The  Rose of Sharon Bush is one of my favorites in the rose garden. They don't grow out of control, and the beautiful colors come in late summer when lots of the roses are taking a break, so they add needed color.


Trees in the landscape, create a setting in which other plants grow. They are a dominant element, or backbone of the landscape. While your garden is young, and beginning to grow, established trees give the garden a sense of age, and flowering trees and additional beauty.

Pay careful attention to the placement of trees. You want them within view of the garden, but not so close as to have the roots competing with the roses.

Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, therefore cleaning the air, and removing pollution. Leaves form the trees make wonderful compost and mulch for the garden. The tree branches give shelter to birds. Flowering or ornamental trees add more beauty to the yard.

Read this Tree planting guide

 Golden Chain Tree is a beautiful (small size) ornamental tree. I simply can't explain the beauty of this tree. Click on the link to learn about it and see pictures of mine!

Flowering Crab trees are another small size ornamental that would add beauty to the garden.

Flowering Vines

purple clematis vine

One of the best companion planting vines to grow with your Roses are perennial vines such as Clematis. They look amazing growing with the climbing roses.

You can also plant them on something in the rose garden by themselves, just for the added color. I have a beautiful purple one on a lamp post at the entrance, a purple and red variety growing up a small tree, and this year I've added a few to grow on a metal gazebo.

Clematis Vines

Clematis Care

More Companion Planting Perennial Vines

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