Common Rose Diseases

Rose Pests and Disease Chart

common rose diseases

Need help with common rose diseases? This helpful Rose Pest and Diseases chart, will help with plant disease identification, and help in the controlling of plant pests and diseases that your rose bushes might already have.

The control of common rose plant diseases, along with controlling specific rose pests, depend on a proper diagnosis of the problem. To do this, you must first recognize the type of disease, and the organism causing it. So, to fix the problem with your rose bush, you need:

The Right Method of Attack applied at the Right Time .

Diseases of rose plants that are caused by bacteria, are microscopic one-celled organisms. These organisms survive in soil or plant parts, and may cause wilting of the plant, rots, blights,galls, or leaf spots.

Plant Diseases and Pests

Blights A blight on the plant will cause sudden deaths of shoots,foliage,flowers or the whole plant.

Black Spot Roses (pictured above) more on....Black Spot The spores are caused by overhead watering, or splashed rain. This is why it is important not to water your rose bushes from the top) The disease causes the leaves to have black spots with fringed margins. The leaves will turn yellow and eventually drop off. Try to buy Disease Resistant Roses.
to avoid this problem.

Botrytis Blight

more on.........Botrytis Blight This is a blight that forms a gray mold over the infected tissue of buds or stems. Good sanitation is the best natural pest control for rose bush diseases such as this.

Cankers These fungi plant diseases are localized lesions that form on woody stems, which will sometimes become girdled, and die back. This fungi usually enters the plant through jagged wounds left in poor pruning, but sometimes through unbroken tissue.


Irritation by bacteria, fungi or insects cause abnormal enlargements of the plant tissue. This bacterial rose disease causes an ugly growth on the plant, and can even be on the roots. The bacteria can survive a year or two in the soil, entering through pruning wounds. It would be best to reject all plants with any sign of this rose bush disease.

Powdery Mildew White powdery coating forms on the leaves, and often the stems and flowers. Common rose diseases like this, are caused by a chain of spores mycelium This disease is prevalent in late summer when days are warm and nights are cool. High humidity causes the spores to germinate. For control of plant diseases such as this, the best preventative, is to give the rose plenty of air circulation. You can do this by not planting roses to close to one another. Proper pruning is also important. Keeping the bush opened up, will give it better air circulation.

Try this easy powdery mildew treatment recipe!

Rust Rust on Roses Rose rust is caused by rainy, humid weather. Diseases of rose plants with Rust is most usually seen more in areas of the country that have this type of weather. You can help to prevent these common rose diseases on plants, by not spraying water from above the plant. Always water at ground level.

Insect Pests

Insects have only 3 body parts- The head- Thorax- and -Abdomen- covered with a protective shell. These pest bugs breath through spores along the body (spiracles). Mouth parts of insects consist of either jaws that are adapted for chewing, or beaks that can pierce plant cuticle and suck out the sap.

Chewing insects go through complete metamorphosis- Larvae stage (caterpillar, grub or maggot), and then the adult (completely different) Insect.

-Aphids more on.......Aphids Plant lice. Tiny, soft bodied sucking insects that can be many colors-green,pink, grey, black, red, brown..... They cluster on new shoots, buds, or inside curled leaves. they will deform buds and flowers. They excrete a honeydew that causes a black sooty mold.

Beetles These rose insect pests, are chewing insects have a horny sheath that covers the hind wings. In the larvae stage they are grub, soft, a dirty white with a brown head.

Borers these caterpillars, grubs or sawfly larvae destroy woody stems. The best rose pest control for them,is to remove the infected wood, and use a pest control spray to prevent eggs.
Caterpillars These are worm-like larvae soon to become butterflies or moths.

Adult stage is....

Japanese Beetle more on ..........Japanese Beetles These metallic green and copper beetles will devour the bush, including flowers, buds, and foliage.

Sawflies These chewing insects are related to bees. Their larvae resembles caterpillars. They will skeletonize the  rose foliage.

Thrips more on...Thrips These tiny sucking insects deform buds and cause failure to open. On flowers, these rugs in roses, appear as brown streaks. These nasty critters multiply rapidly. Prune off infected buds and flowers.

Spittle Bugs  Ever see a foamy "spit" nest on the plant, and wonder what made that?  They rarely do much damage, but if you don't like the look on the plants, you can knock them off with a hard spray from the hose, or squash them in their foam hideouts. They are food for Yellow Jackets.

Organic Control for Plant Pests and
Common Rose Diseases

Use this: Soap-Shield Copper Fungicide from Flowable Copper organic treatment on the following problems:
  • Black Spot
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Rust

Use this: Organic spray:Pyola organic insect spray from for the following:
  • Aphids
  • Scale Insects
  • Spider Mites
  • Thrips
  • Sawfly Larvae
  • Catterpillars
  • Leaf rollers
  • Japanese Beetles

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