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So Many Rose Colors...

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When it comes to colors of roses, selecting the right ones for your garden, may seem like a daunting task,especially because their are so many rose colors, and varieties available.

One of the most important factors when selecting roses for your garden, is the flower color. The colors of roses and other flowers you choose reflect your personality. They also set the "Mood" of your garden.(See some examples below)

Other factors to keep in mind, is to know specific information about the rose before you choose it. Color is important but.....

Is it hardy to your planting zone?

What size will it grow to?

Is it Fragrant?

Is it Disease Resistant, or considered Easy to Grow?

So.... start with colors you like, but don't forget the other important factors!

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red roses
bi-color-striped roses

Red Roses

These are everybody's favorite!

Plant en mass, or with white or yellow roses for a stunning display!

Bi-Color and Striped Roses

These are unusual, unique roses that give the garden a softer feel. Pair them with solid roses of the same colors.

pink roses
yellow roses

Pink Roses

The pink colored roses can add some softness, and a bit of romance.

Yellow Roses

Like a burst of sunshine, this color brightens up your garden.

orange rose
purple roses

Orange Roses

Orange and Coral colored roses look especially nice planted with yellow or white ones.

Purple Roses

This unique color can be deep and velvety, or soft and mauve.

The Official Colors of Roses

These are the official rose color classifications that the rose breeders choose from...

Apricot/Apricot Blend

Medium Red 

Dark Red

Red Blend

Light Pink

Pink Blend

Medium pink

Deep pink

Mauve/Mauve Blend

Yellow Blend

Light yellow

Deep Yellow

Medium Yellow

White Roses/White Blend

Orange/ Orange Blend

Orange Pink

Orange Red


Want More Colors?

Not on the list:  ~ Black Roses  ~       ~Wine Colored Roses~ 

~ Purple Roses  ~       ~Striped Roses and Bi-Color Roses ~

Overall Effect of the Colors

I've already told you that the colors of the roses will effect the mood of the garden, and below I will show you how and which colors to choose for the effect you want. Unless you want to grow roses simply for cutting,(like just red roses), you may just want to learn how the colors effect the mood.

 Colors for a Cool/Refreshing Garden

colors of roses

If you want a quiet garden, meant for relaxing, you should choose a Cool Color Scheme

Soothing and refreshing colors would be: Violet, Mauve, and

Purple Roses These colors also make a small garden appear larger.Pastel colors like White roses Light Pink roses and Pastel Yellow roses would blend in nicely with this garden. Such colors of roses would also set the stage for a very

Romantic Garden. Companion flowers should be light colored also to have the same low-key effect.

These gardens are wonderful when viewed at night, after sunset. Light colored roses, are also excellent for hiding eyesores such as trash bins, sheds, gas tanks, etc.

 Colors for a Happy/Cheerful Garden

rose colors

A Happy and Cheerful Garden, would contain roses in the Warm Color Scheme which would include;

Red Roses also roses that are Orange color along with Gold and Yellow colored roses These colors will make the garden appear smaller than it is, as it draws the eye to the garden.

Strong rose colors like red roses, are good for accenting focal points, like Garden Ornaments, and bird baths. They are also good placed at the end of a garden path.

By repeating the accent color in a nearby bed, you carry the eye along the garden.

It is best to plant two or three of the same color or variety together, rather than scattering them about the garden. This will ensure a much more dramatic effect.

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