Collecting Rainwater

Using a Rain Barrel

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Tips on collecting rainwater in a rain barrel, and using the water to water your garden.

Water is the one thing (other than food) that all living things need to survive. It seems such a waste not to use the water from rain.

Our plants, lawns, and gardens need plenty of it..... Why not take full advantage of the free water given to us?

Learn how to harvest it naturally.

 If your paying for water, you should consider collecting water from your roof in the form of rain water run-off for your own garden use!

Even if you have your own well, your water is still costing you money, because the pump that pushes the water through to your hose runs on electricity!

All living things need water to survive,and during the summer months, our gardens especially need LOTS of water to perform the way we want them to.

My roses sure need lots of water!!

In Summer time, people use almost 50% of the municipal water to water their gardens and/or lawns, wash their cars, and other outside uses.

If Mother Nature doesn’t supply enough rain water, you have to provide it to the plants or your garden won't do well.

My gardens and plants use lots of water..... That's why I decided to learn how to harvest it naturally. I was surprised to see just how easy collecting rainwater was.

By diverting the water into your collector for later use, you might even help with drainage or flooding problems around your home.

A Green solution to collecting and using Rainwater....... How will you store it?


By collecting your own rainwater, you can reduce your dependance on municipal water.

It will not only help your goal of "doing your part to go green", but also put less of a strain on your wallet (lower water bills!)

How to Make a Rain Barrel

There is no real science to making a rain barrel, you simply need a barrel or container to hold the water, and something solid to set it on.

You must of course have gutters and a down spout attached to your house or outside building.

The water simply runs off your roof, into the gutter, down the spout (that you have cut off to fit into the hole in the lid of the barrel).

You also need to drill a hole near the bottom of the barrel and insert the spickit in which you will drain out the water. (You must silicone around this to keep it air tight!)

Another hole drilled near the top of the barrel will act as an overflow.

Be sure to keep a well fitting cover on the barrel. This not only keeps out debris, but also prevents the barrel from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Rain Barrel for Collecting  Rainwater

rain barrel

Place the Rain barrel on a cement block (or something solid), underneath gutters and downspouts from your roof. You will need a secure lid and some sort of spout or spigot, or an attached  hose.

You’ll find barrels in many shapes and sizes. They can be made of plastic, metal, ceramic, rubber or wood.

  Since you’re not going to use the water for drinking, you don’t need to be concerned about UV protection, which is important for safe drinking water, as exposure  from the sun can affect the quality of the stored water.

You can collect even more rainwater by putting a gutter and down spout on the roof of your garden shed or other out building.

Heavy rains can supply you with lots of free water for your garden!

Uses for Rainwater


Using rainwater for landscaping and/or using it to water your plants, is the most common use for it. In fact, pure rainwater is actually better that tap water for gardening.

Rainwater has no chlorine or other chemicals that your plants do not need!

~Water the Garden

~Water your House Plants

~ Wash the Car

~Wash your Pet

~Water the Lawn

Caution; Collecting Rainwater

Never use rainwater collected from your roof for drinking!

`Rainwater could be made safe for drinking only: if you use professional advice, and use the correct filters etc.

Doesn’t it make more sense to gather rainwater and use it for your plant and other needs rather than letting it go to waste?

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