Cold Hardy Roses

Winter Hardy Roses

cold hardy rose modern blush

Need help choosing Cold Hardy Roses? If you garden where winters are harsh, you'll need to  plant roses that are winter hardy in order for them to withstand the extremes of the climate.

Below you will find a list of some cold hardy roses to plant in your garden. I have researched them, and include a bit of information on each one. If you grow any of them and are willing to share a picture with us, please send it here. (and thanks so much!)

List of Cold Hardy Roses


Semi-double, pink blooms with golden stamens grow on an arching shrub rose. Sweet apple fragrance. It grows 6' tall by 4-5' wide. Outstanding cold hardy roses form a nice shrub with dense foliage.  Zones 3-10

April Moon

Cupped double, lemon colored blooms are blushed red in cooler temps. Lovely citrus scent. Grows 3' tall by 3' wide. Produced in clusters. Dark green, leathery foliage zones 4/5-10

Aunt Honey

Double, rich rose pink blooms that shade lighter toward the outer petals. Strong Damask fragrance. Appear in clusters on a compact upright bush 3-4' x 3' wide.  zones 4/5-10

Barn Dance

Neyron pink, double blooms have a light apple scent. The clusters are shown off by dark green, leathery foliage. Grows 3-4' tall by 3' wide.  zones 4/5-10

carefree beauty rose

Carefree Beauty (above)

Large, double, Pink blooms with golden stamens. Mild tea scent. Excellent Black spot and Mildew resistance. Grows 2 1/2 x 2' Blooms are produced in great quantities.

Zones 4/5-10

Carefree Sunshine

Semi-double Lemon yellow blooms come in clusters. Grows 4' by 4'. Olive green foliage  zones 5-10

This is a short list of cold hardy roses; there are many more available. I am just giving you some in different colors to consider for your garden. I can remember when I first started to grow roses, I soon realized (after the first winter of loosing a bunch of Hybrid Teas that I had planted) that only roses that are winter hardy for my climate zone are worth planting! 

Country Dancer

Rose Red ruffled blooms are cupped and double with a fruity raspberry scent. Dark green leathery foliage Grows 3' x 2 1/2'  Very disease resistant zones 4/5-10


Double blooms in shades of rose pink. Dense covered bush has dark green leathery foliage. Grows 3 1/2' x 3 1/2' Sweet scent  zones 4/5-10

Distant Drums

Unusual color on this double form rose. Bronze colored center shades to lavender/pink edges. Heady clove/myrrh fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'   zones 4/5-10


Peachy/yellow blooms are cupped and look like English roses! Grows 3-4' x 3' wide  Leathery, shiny foliage zones 4/5-10

Gentle Persuasion

Rich apricot, fully double, high centered blooms have serrated edges. Grows 3 1/2 x 4' x 3' wide.  zones 4/5-10

Golden Princess

Bi-color rose is a soft yellow with lipstick red edging. Mild fragrance is sweet.  Cupped, double blooms. Grows 3' x 3'   zones 4/5-10

Golden Unicorn

Peach/ gold blooms with a sweet honey fragrance.  Vigorous plant is well foliaged Grows 3-4' x 3'   zones 4/5-0

Hawkeye Belle

 Creamy white shaded pink blooms have a strong peach/tea scent. Grows 4' x 3 1/2'   zones 4/5-10

Iowa Belle

Fully double blooms are pure white, edged strawberry red with a mild scent of lilac. Bush is compact and well foliaged. Grows 4' x 3'.  zones 4/5-10

John Cabot

Rich, deep rose/pink blooms are semi-double. Very vigorous, arching shrub or climber grows 4-8' x 4-5'.

Note; I planted 2 of these in the spring of 2015, will keep you updated on how they do, as well as posting pics!)

John Davis

Rich candy pink double blooms are sometimes quartered. This is a very hardy Canadian rose that grows 10' by 4'wide.  zones 2-9

Modern Blush (pictured at top of page)

Double, peachy/pink blooms look like hybrid tea roses. Extremely hardy rose grows 3-4' high by 2' wide.  Very disease resistant. zones 3-9


Cherry red blooms with dark green, leathery foliage. Great cut flowers! Grows 4' x 4'. zones 4/5-10

Prairie Princess

Coral pink, semi-double blooms are fragrant. Disease resistant, vigorous plant produces clusters. Grows 5' x 4' zones 4-10

Queen Bee

Velvety dark red, double blooms open to a center of golden stamens. Fruity scent. Grows 3' x 3'  zones 4/5-10

Stanwell Perpetual

Blush pink/soft apricot, double, quartered blooms with a strong scent. Arching shrub rose grows 3' x 4'5' wide (One of the most hardy!) zones 3-9

Wild Ginger

Deep apricot blooms with a fruit/tea scent. Erect growing bush with dark leathery foliage. Very disease resistant Grows 4' x 3' Zones 4/5-10

Winter Sunset

Amber/orange blooms are fully double and have a strong scent. The bush is upright, yet compact with shiny green foliage. Grows 3-4' zones 4/5-10

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