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Rose Bushes that are Climbers

climbing roses

Do you know the Best 'Climbing Roses' for fences, trellis, arbors and pergolas? Roses that climb are easy to grow if you know how to care for them.

Here you will learn how to plant, and train them to achieve your desired effects. You'll also find some of the most popular ones with growing information so you can decide for yourself if it will be a good fit in your garden.

Not all climbers are the same, so you need to choose not only for color, but size as well, as some grow longer than others. Some are more suited for a pillar, while other have very long canes that will reach to a second story.

Climbing plants, especially roses can add so much to your rose garden!   A climbing rose can give height to an otherwise flat garden. 

Roses with beautiful flowers, arching over arbors can be especially romantic! Such a rose plant can add the finishing touch to your garden.

With climbers,you are limited only by your imagination.

If you think that you don't have space for climbers, you could consider putting them in the center of the garden. Simply add some type of support for them to grow on ( A strip of lattice, a pole, a pillar, etc)

Grow some climbing roses on your fence, wall, or even your house!

Learn how to care for them, then;Scroll down to view the top climbers!

How to Grow a Climbing Rose

  • You should plant your climber about 8 inches away from the structure in which it will grow on.
  • Make sure the canes lean in, toward the structure that it will grow on.
  • I like to put a temporary support in until it gets growing. A short stick or other suitable material that you can drive into the ground beside the plant will do. Tie a piece of heavy string/rope to the stake, and then fasten it partly up the structure. Loosely tie any long canes to it, and keep loosely tying them as they grow.
  • More information to help you plant your Climbers

It is necessary to train your climbers as they grow, because on their own they can not climb a vertical surface. They need assistance especially in their early years to head in the right direction.

It is important to guide them, so that you can train them in the right direction for the desired shape you want, as well as getting more blooms from them.

When you first plant the rose climber, select three to five of the strongest canes for the scaffold.

The number you select, depends on the look you want to achieve.

Your rose may not have enough strong canes to use for the scaffold at planting time, you can select additional ones during it's first growing season, or even the second season.

Fanning the canes out a bit horizontal will give you more laterals for more blooms.The more horizontal the canes, the more quickly they will develop flowering wood.

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Pruning your (Repeat Blooming)Climbing Roses

The first year you will not do any pruning other than removing new unwanted canes that sprout from the base. (Those that you don't need for the scaffolding) By cutting the unwanted canes as soon as they appear, the rose can use its energy into producing flowering laterals for flowers next year.

Carefully position and loosely tie the canes as they are young and easy to move. Older, thick canes become rigid and harder to move.

Try to keep them at a horizontal angle. If some are more vertical, snip them back a bit to encourage flowering laterals.

The second year, and following years, in early spring, cut back the lateral branches that flowered the previous year to around 8-12inches long.

It is good advice to cut back the flowering branches to their juncture with a vigorous branch, then arch that branch back and attach it to its support.

Pruning in this way, will after a few years, create a very nice lattice of canes covered in blooms!

For information on pruning Once-bloomers look here!

Popular Climbing Rose Bushes

View the Top 10

American Pillar Climbing Rose

climbing rose american pillar

A once-blooming old Rambler that is very fast growing!

The carmine pink flowers have a white eye with bright yellow stamens. A most attractive climber.

It can grow to 20 feet, so give it plenty of room to climb.

If you have a fence, and have decided to grow climbing roses on it rose on it, this rose is gorgeous sprawled along the fence. It forms a living color of pink that lasts a long time. I recently saw one planted along a driveway on a split rail fence.(actually there were more than one, they lined the driveway.) Beautiful!

They make great cut flowers, and as a nice bonus, red hips in the fall

Read more about The American Pillar Rose....

Blaze of Glory

blaze of glory climbing rose

Fiery, ember-colored blooms

Grows 12-14'

Glossy, dark green foliage

 Light musk fragrance

Very disease resistant

Hardy zones 5-9

Climbing Blaze Rose

climbing blaze rose

This very popular climber bears very beautiful red flowers.

It is considered one of the most popular climbing rose of all time,and one of the top climbing rose bushes. It is a consistent performer, that is very hardy in all climates. It grows tall and vigorous, it can grow 12-14 ft.

Learn more about Climbing Blaze Rose

Don Juan Rose

don juan rose

Dramatic, crimson flowers with velvety, ruffled petals and an intoxicating damask scent are a standout in the garden, like a flamenco dancer on stage. The blossoms are set on long stems, just perfect for cutting!

The fragrant blooms cover the plant all summer. Warm night temperatures produce the best color.

Foliage is a glossy dark green.

Canes can grow as much as 12-14 feet. For the best effect, plant bushes 6 feet apart along a fence or wall.

Flowers repeat fast. Don Juan can suffer from frost damage during bad winters, but still recover fairly fast.

Hardy zone 5-10

Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

climbing rose dublin bay

One of the finest red climbers grown throughout the world. Covered with beautiful, fragrant, velvety red semi double blooms. Blooms from spring till frost in my area. Grows 9-12'.

The large,fully double flowers perform well in all climates. Can be slow to climb in the first season, but take off in the second year.

Excellent repeat flowering.

Dark green, disease resistant foliage

Hardy zones 4-10

This is one of MY favorites!

F.J. Grootendorst

climbing rose on fence

This climber can be trained to grow on a fence. Aren't the red blooms stunning against the white fence?

The Crimson colored blooms, appear in clusters of small flowers with frilled petals. The flowers look like carnations. They have no scent.

This upright, and bushy Rugosa grows to 5 feet tall.

It has three sports: Pink Grootendorst, White Grootendorst, and a darker crimson Grootendorst Supreme.

The Fairy

climbing rose the fairy

Small Pink blooms in absolute profusion on a compact, spreading plant, looks equally attractive on a fence!

This is a wonderful, hardy bush!

The blooms appear a bit later than most roses, but they are well worth the wait!

Roses are not really climbers at all. The long canes of the roses do not have true tendrils to hold on to structures as other climbing vines do. Long canned roses must be trained and secured to its support.

When choosing a climbing rose for a fence, think- contrast- white roses on a white fence, although very beautiful, would not stand out.

Fourth of July

fourth of july rose

Red and white striped rose

Huge clusters of striped blooms

Apple/spice fragrance

Grows 10-14' high

Glossy, dark green foliage

Hardy zones 6-10

High Society

high society rose

Fuchsia colored 5" blooms

Glossy, dark green foliage

 Grows 10-12'

Moderate Damask fragrance

Vigorous and heat tolerant

Hardy zones 6-9

Climbing New Dawn Rose

climbing rose new dawn

The New Dawn rose is a double-flowered blush pink with bright yellow stamens. It is very free flowering and sweetly fragrant. It re-blooms persistently deep into the fall. This climbing rose is also very disease resistant, especially to black spot, the bane of many Roses here.

This climbing rose is a very soft, sweet, romantic type rose. It is a great Rose in every respect.

Grows 12-18 feet. Hardiness Zone: 5-8 S / 5-10 W

I have two of these, and they do very well for me, in my zone 5 planting zone. They produce an abundance of silvery, pink blooms.

Learn more about the New Dawn Rose

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler

climbing rose pauls himalayan musk

This Rambler (Hybrid Musk) was hybridized in 1916. It is a very vigorous, upright, and bushy rose that will grow 20 feet or more.

It is lovely planted beside a tree, because its growth habit of growing tall, allows it to intertwine with the branches. When in bloom, it is a sight to behold! It produces clusters of small lilac-pink flowers that are surrounded by small, light green foliage. It has a moderate fragrance.

The hanging branches covered in rose blooms appear very delicate, and romantic. Mine grows up a small apple tree in my garden. It has actually reached the top of the tree. I plan on planting more around more of the small trees in the garden, because I just love how they look!

Give these climbers plenty of room to grow.

Perrinial Blue

climbing rose perinnal blue

Photo courtesy: Bernhard Mehring

Mauve and Mauve/blend large-flowered climber/rambler.

Small-semi-double flowers appear in large clusters in a cupped bloom form.

Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Grows to a height of 8 feet. Med.glossy, green foliage

hardy zones 6b& warmer

Lovely pillar rose as the picture shows!

Scent From Above

scent from above rose

Golden Yellow

Drenched in a licorice scent and a color that stays true.

One of the most abundantly blooming, non-fading yellow climbing roses ever!

Height: 8 ft - 10 ft

Dark Green foliage.

Wonderful Licorice fragrance Yellow/ gold colored blooms

Social Climber

Bright Pink flowers

Rapid repeat!

Grows to 6'

Old fashioned flowers have a spicy fragrance

glossy dark green foliage

Hardy zones 5-10

Sombreuil Climbing White Rose

sombreuil climbing rose

Clusters of creamy white, double ruffled flowers shine in the dark and are drenched with tea rose perfume. Remarkably easy to train on pillars and trellises, or to let wander along a picket fence.

This large flowered climber, is vigorous, and upright, growing 6 to 12 feet.

Foliage is medium green and semi-glossy.

It is an excellent white climber that has a great combination of Hybrid Tea and Old garden roses look. The very double petals (60&) are flat, quilled, quartered and very lovely! Flowers come in sprays.

Superb mixed with different types of flowers for companions. They make wonderful cut flowers. Blooms cut at the half open stage will last at least a week in the vase. If you cut them when they are fully open however, they will only last a few days. This Hybrid Tea Climber is hardy in zones 6-10  Learn more about it...

Climbing Rose Super Dorothy

climbing rose super dorothy

This is Super Dorothy climbing rose,happily growing with purple Jackmanii Clematis.

This Rambler has clusters of beautiful, small, double, pink blooms that are produced in clouds!

This climbing rose bush is Disease resistant.

It can grow to 12 feet.

The fragrance is that of a green apple scent

It is hardy zones 5-9

( I always take the kids out to the garden when it's in full bloom, for some perfect Kodak moments!) I have two of these planted on my Pergola.

The Zephirine Drouhin Rose

climbing rose thornless zephrine drouhin

This climbing rose has a fragrance which fills the air with each large bloom. It prospers in alkaline soil, pollution, and shade. It's also a beautiful rose, opening large, sweetly fragrant, deep rose flowers (on nearly thorn-less stems) throughout the season.

It takes a couple of years after planting for these climbing roses to really be showy, but be patient, and give it time, it's well worth the wait!

Zephirine Drouhin roses are perfect for covering a wall or climbing over an arch. The coppery-purple new growth is a vivid contrast. (see mine pictured here .)

More Climbing Roses

'Eden Rose' is also known as 'Pierre de Ronsard', but by whatever name, no one walks by this Climbing Rose without exclaiming at its beauty. The perfectly formed blooms are a luscious creamy white with a faint green edge and a soft watermelon center. They are simply irresistible. The foliage is dark green and is rarely bothered by disease.The blooms bow their heads with the weight of the flowers.

Sally Holmes

Produces big clusters of flowers all season. In warmer climates, this rose can spread rapidly to reach 10 feet high and wide. The arching canes are covered with large clusters of blooms that are reminiscent of hydrangea blooms. Blooms have a delicate fragrance, and glossy green foliage. Repeat bloom is not as spectacular as the first spring flush. Creamy white colored flowers. Hardy zones 4-10 Grows 6-12 feet

John Davis

Very hardy, most beautiful Canadian Rose. Old fashioned blooms of a rich candy pink color, with golden centers. Outstanding, disease free rose! Grows 10-12'. John Davis Rose, Rosa 'John Davis', is backed by glossy leathery foliage. The trailing red canes of this Explorer Series rose are equally spectacular whether trellised or allowed to roam. Carried in clusters of up to seventeen, each 3 1/2" blossom opens its outer petals nearly flat, to frame the clear pink center, before opening fully to the scent of spice. Own root. When this rose is in peak full bloom in late June, it is literally smothered in flowers. John Davis repeats throughout the summer until frost. It is very winter hardy with no winter cane die-back. It also has very few thorns, has healthy foliage, and highly resistant to black-spot and mildew.

MMe Alfred Carrie're

One of the most fragrant climbing roses. Bears clusters of large, pale pearl pink flowers that age to cream. Wonderful climber that grows from 10-16'.

Joesphs Coat Rose large trusses of medium sized semi double blooms are cherry red, orange, and yellow, blended with gold. The plant is a profusion of ever-changing colors. Can be grown as a free standing shrub, pillar, or climber. Very vigorous. Grows 8-12'.

Lady Banks Rose Very Vigorous, thorn-less climber, is a favorite for southern gardens.Grows to 30 feet. Small,light yellow, clusters of flowers, bloom once per season. Hardy zones 8-10

Climbing Iceberg

Beautiful climber, covers itself with clouds of white semi double blooms.Very reliable. grows 8-10".(Mine starts out with a soft pink colored bud, fading to white as the bloom matures.)

Climbing Peace Rose is probably the worlds most popular variety. This climbing Hybrid Tea has large flowers 4-5 1/2 inches across. They are golden yellow, edged with pink. They are slightly fragrant. These roses are very vigorous,and branching. Can grow 15-20 ft. depending on your area. Good all-season bloom, but blooms on second year wood only.

America   Climbing rose  A large flowered climber with Coral/Pink blooms. A wonderful climber that is quite hardy!

Rhode Island Red A stunning red climber that is very hardy and carefree!

Need Really Hardy Ones?

You'll find a list of Hardy Climbers here.

pink climbing roses

Here you will find a list, and links to some beautiful Pink Climbing Rose Bushes.

For the Care of Climbing Roses

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List of David Austin Climbers

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