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climbing peace rose

My Climbing Peace rose on May 20,2006 - there are over 200 blooms and buds on this single specimen of this climbing rose. I garden in zone 8a.

by Cactus Pete
(British Columbia, Canada)

This climbing sport of the original Peace Rose is a classic! It is just as beautiful, but in a climbing form!

It blooms in flushes through the growing season.

More about Climbing Peace Rose..

Type  Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Lee A. Brady 1949 (United States)

Blooms Yellow Blend (yellow and pink)


Fragrance   Sweet, fruity

Growth Habits   Tall, 6-20'

Hardy Zones zones 6b - 9b

Carol's Comments

A stunning rose indeed! This rose (Peace) is famous for its role as peace harbinger at the end of World War II. It is renowned for its vigor, blooms and foliage. It set the standard for all modern roses of this century.

It was one of the first roses to prove that rose bushes can be beautiful even when not in bloom.
But bloom it does, as demonstrated here by cactus Pete.
What it lacks in fragrance, it makes up for in sheer beauty! Give it a few years to grow, and you'll be picking Lots of beautiful blooms yourself.

The golden yellow blooms with pink edges have a soft, elegant look to them. (A romantic looking rose bush)

There is quite an interesting history on this rose Read the history here

Reader Comments

Jan 25, 2010
by: Sharon

WoW! I had no Idea that the peace  climbing rose was so beautiful! I thought it was just another yellow rose! I have to have one of these! Thanks for sharing.



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