Climbing Miniature Roses

Popular Miniature Rose Climbers

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Climbing miniature roses are perfect for gardens that don't have a lot of space, but want to give some height to the garden in the form of blooming roses.

Miniature rose climbers can reach a height and width of 3-6'. Some of the large flowered miniature climbers can reach 4-12'.

Climbers, after all, are only shrubs with long sprawling canes. They lean on vertical surfaces for support. Canes are covered with blooms at almost every leaf junction.

They do however NOT attach themselves, and rely on You , the gardener to tie the climbing miniature roses to their supports and "train" them in the direction you want them to go.

Below are some of the most popular
Climbing Miniature Roses..

Candy Cane

Pink Blend- Semi-double, striped deep and pure white

Massive clusters   (Can be susceptible to blackspot in humid climates)

Grows 4-6'      Hardy zones 5-11

Cal Poly

Yellow (20 petals)

Grows 4-6; hardy zones 5-11


Medium Pink, double flowers appear in profusion

grows 3-4'   hardy zones 4-10


Red-Blend, double flowers are striped bright red and yellow

grows 4-6'     Hardy zones 6-10

Jeanne LaJoie

Medium Pink Hybrid tea form (Non-stop blooms)

Grows 6-10' Hardy zones 4-11   (love this one!) Picture at top of page

Lavender Lace

Lavender/Pink with gold stamens

Grows 4-6'  Hardy zones 5-11

Mary Marshall

Orange Blend ~ Orange/pink with a yellow base   (disease resistant)

Grows 4-6'   Hardy zones 5-10

Rainbows End

Yellow Blend ~ Deep yellow with red edges

Grows to 8'   Hardy zones 5-11

Red Cascade

Dark Red   Great for hanging baskets!

Grows 3-4'   Hardy zones 5-11


Medium Pink  Profuse flowering old-fashioned flower form

Grows 3-4'   Hardy zones 5-11


Medium red   double flower form

Grows 6-7'  Hardy zones 6-10

Work of Art

Orange Blend~  double flower form

Grows 4-6'     Hardy zones 5-10

Tips on Training a Miniature Climbing Rose...

To get the most flowers on your climbing rose, miniature or otherwise...

Train the canes horizontally.(or as close to horizontal as you can)

This will increase the number of of flowers, by encouraging more buds to grow along the length of the canes, instead of just on the ends. These are called "flowering laterals".

Some of the short, stiff  'Pillar climbers' or so-called Pillar roses grow upright and still produce flowering laterals, so you don't need to bend them to get lots of flowers.

Tie the canes loosely with twine or something soft. Avoid using wire because it can cut into the cane as it grows.

Planting Miniature Rose Climbers...

The only difference between miniature climbers and climbing roses is the size. Therefore you plant these tiny versions of roses the same as you do normal size climbers. This page; can guide you on planting climbing miniature roses.

Find a suitable spot to grow them. They don't grow nearly as large as the regular climbers, although some grow longer than others.

Do You grow this rose?

Please share your comments and/or especially pictures of this rose with us, so everyone can get a look at it!  Submit here, and Thanks so much!


Miniature roses

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