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climbing blaze rose

The Climbing Blaze Rose, is a winter hardy climber with lovely red roses. Improved Blaze climber produces flowers on both new and old canes.

Literally thousands of 2- to 3-inch flowers appear on the climbing blaze rose bush over a long season! These climbing red roses are a brilliant scarlet-red color.

The red clusters appear in June in tremendous quantities on this vigorous climber, then continue intermittently all summer, then offer ANOTHER heavy showing in early fall!

It is one of the most prolific climbing roses I've ever had the pleasure of growing, Blaze Improved is a must-have for busy gardeners looking for an easy, very floriferous Rose! The lightly fragrant blooms hold their color even in the hottest sun.

Type Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Bohm 1935

Blooms The dark red flowers come in clusters. The cupped blossoms are 2 to 3 inches, semi-double and have 28-24 petals.

Growth Habits Very vigorous grower, grows 12-14'

Foliage Foliage is medium dark green, and leathery.

Fragrance The fragrance is slight, fruity.

Hardy Zone

zones 4/5-10

More Information about the Climbing Blaze Rose

climbing blaze rose close up

These climbing red roses, are great for pergolas, pillars and arches, or for planting along fences and porches.

They look especially gorgeous when planted against a fence, or something that is painted white. Those red blossoms against the white is simply stunning! It will attract the eye like a magnet.

The rose plants are upright, disease resistant, and winter hardy.

Get Even More Flowers!

To force the rose bush to form more flowers, train the canes in a horizontal position. Bend them slightly, tying loosely as they grow. This causes the canes to form more flowers instead of simply growing taller.

(If you've always tied the canes to grow straight up, give this a try, you'll be amazed at how many more flowers will grow on "Blaze"!)

Where to Purchase this Rose?

You'll find This Rose, Climbing Blaze HERE, for a Great price!

The Blaze rose, has been around for a very long time. It is one of the most popular climbing roses of all time. It is a true Classic among climbing red roses. It's easy to see why, since these red climbing roses are a hardy, consistent performer in all climates.

The older ones were great.... yet the new improved variety, is even better!

The bright scarlet blooms appear abundantly in large clusters. It is a very profuse bloomer producing LOTS of lovely flowers.

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